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db2pd: A new RAS/PD utility for DB2. (E07)

Topic: 2006 NA

Subtopic: DB2 for LUW

DATE: 2006-05-09 (04:00 PM - 05:10 PM)
SPEAKERS: Jeff McMahon (IBM)

db2pd is a new utility created to look and feel like the Informix Dynamic Server onstat utility. onstat is the well known utility used by all Informix customers and users to monitor the database and troubleshoot database problems. onstat has existed for nearly 15 years in the field. Like onstat, db2pd provides a non-intrusive method to view database progress and potential problems. Some examples of information provided by db2pd are: memory usage, agents, applications, locks, bufferpools, dynamic package cache, static package cache, catalog cache, logs, table and index statistics, and many more.

EXP. LEVEL: Intermediate


Understand why db2pd was created (based on onstat)

Identify db2pd's many options

Understatnd db2pd's unlatched architecture

Use db2pd to troubleshoot database problems

Use db2pd to monitor database activities

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