ODOT's "DB2 DBA's Assistant" plus "CRM ISPF Productivity Tool"

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Subtopic: DB2 for z/OS

Oregon Department of Transportation's DB2 DBA's Assistant & CRM ISPF Productivity Tool

Version 1.0  (DB2v8) November 5, 2007
Version 1.1  (DB2v8) May 14, 2010
Version 2.0  (DB2v9) April 2012
Contact: Cliff Boley,  Email:


This product is packaged in a downloadable .zip file, DBAASNT.ZIP.
The .zip file contains nine archived files.
1. readme.txt
2. INSTALL.TXT              
-> DBA's Assistant install instructions
-> overview of the product.
4. CRM.TXT                     -> install & description of CRM ISPF productivity tool
5. RECEIVE.TXT            
-> job JCL to RECEIVE the XMIT files                      
6  DBAINST.XMIT           
-> install jobs XMIT file
7. DBAREXX.XMIT         
-> REXX dialogs  XMIT file
-> ISPF panels  XMIT file
9. DBAMSG.XMIT            -> ISPF messages XMIT file
To install the products, unzip all of the files and follow the instruction in
the INSTALL.TXT and CRM.TXT files.

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