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You can use a Rexx Program to read the catalog, then use that output to generate you unloads and load Jobs. You can also use the DB2 Admin Tool to gen you unload and loads, but this will take a lot of time, Look at the attach file it's a sample rexx program that I use for my refresh from Production to QA environments This Rexx will build you unloads and loads Parallel using a template you'll need to run this CLEANUP job first, then CLNUPJOB to build the unload and load jcl's from your MAin Menu after you login select your ISPF Command Shell, then type at the command line EX 'DBADOSA.HRPD1.REXX(CLEANUP)', use this output as you input to run the next step to build your JCL, edit CLNUPJOB paste the PDS save execute EX 'DBADOSA.HRPD1.REXX(CLNUPJOB)' at the command line. This RPLC will replace the qualifier to the target, and RPLC2 replace RESUME YES NOCOPYPEND Or also we are in a peopsoft environment running DB2 v8.1 on z/OS v1.8 Good luck

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