REXX exec to find DB2 precompiler timestamps in load modules - Enterprise PL/I only

Topic: Code Place

Subtopic: DB2 for z/OS

Usage: place in your SYSPROC and type DB2 in front of a load module name in a loadlib member list display under ISPF. (Better still, compile and put in your ISPLLIB concatenation.) Operation: the exec first finds the csects that have an external reference to the DB2 high-level language stub DSNHLI. For the Enterprise PL/I csects among those, it determines which PL/I procedures reference DSNHLI, and for those that do it will engage on a disassembly exercise in order to find how the compiler initializes the SQLPLIST structure (as declared by the precompiler), in an attempt to extract the precompiler timestamp. If the ts isn't found, static storage is scanned. (Static storage search may work also with older or other compilers.) Best to copy-paste to a Notepad doc, and then upload to mainframe. Please disregard my horrible coding standards... If it doesn't work, please send me your load module plus the compilation listing(s) [and include LIST among your Enterprise PL/I compiler options].

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