db2perf_wait.db2 - show DB2 LUW wait time percentage breakdown

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Subtopic: DB2 for LUW

The Time Spent hierarchy in DB2 LUW is a great way to understand where your system is busy or where it's waiting, and more metrics are added to it on a regular basis.


This script captures the entire DB2 10.5 wait time hierarchy, showing by % where time is spent.   It uses delta calculations over a 30s interval to show wait time for just the monitor period (similar to monreport.dbsummary - but it's implemented as a script instead of as a SQL stored proc.)

It uses GTTs, so it requires a user temporary tablespace.

This script is discussed in Session C12 (DB2 LUW Perf FAQs, vol. 5) of IDUG NA 2015 in Philadelphia.

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