IBM Certification Exams Available With Voucher

IDUG and IBM will once again offer attendees the opportunity to purchase a voucher which can be used to take a CERTIFICATION EXAM at a future date.
We thank IBM for sponsoring the discount for CERTIFICATION VOUCHERS. 

Important note!

To create a Pearson Vue account log on to at least three days before exam date. Your username and password will be used to log into the test.

Certification Exam Choices

Test # Description Start Date Withdraw Date
Analytics Cloud Content Services - C2070
C2070-580 IBM Case Manager V5.0 8/24/2011 3/31/2018
C2070-581 IBM FileNet Content Manager V5.1 10/31/2011
C2070-582 IBM FileNet Business Process Manager V5.1 12/12/2011
C2070-586 IBM Case Manager V5.1 7/5/2012
C2070-587 IBM FileNet P8 V5.1 7/4/2012
C2070-589 IBM Enterprise Records V5.1 7/31/2013 3/31/2018
C2070-981 IBM FileNet Content Manager V5.2 10/25/2013
C2070-982 IBM Case Foundation V5.2 11/12/2013
C2070-983 IBM Content Navigator V2.0.2 4/11/2014
C2070-984 IBM Case Manager V5.2 Solution Designer 5/15/2014
C2070-985 IBM Content Manager OnDemand for MP and zOS V9.0 4/11/2014 3/31/2018
C2070-986 IBM Content Manager OnDemand for iSeries V9.0 4/11/2014 3/31/2018
C2070-987 IBM Content Manager V8.5 9/15/2014
C2070-988 IBM Case Manager V5.2 9/3/2014
C2070-989 IBM Content Collector V4.0 (IBM Domino) Solution Designer 2/17/2015 3/31/2018
C2070-990 IBM Content Collector V4.0 (Microsoft Exchange) Solution Designer 2/17/2015 3/31/2018
C2070-991 IBM FileNet P8 V5.2.1 Deployment Professional 6/10/2015
C2070-992 IBM Datacap V9.0 Deployment Professional 10/21/2015
C2070-993 IBM Case Manager V5.2.1 Solution Designer 6/6/2016
C2070-994 IBM Datacap V9.0 Solution Designer 8/3/2016
Cognos Analytics - C2020
C2020-605 IBM Cognos 10 Controller Developer 1/16/2012
C2020-701 IBM Cognos TM1 10.1 Analyst 5/7/2012
C2020-702 IBM Cognos TM1 10.1 Developer 5/7/2012
C2020-703 IBM Cognos TM1 10.1 Administrator 7/4/2012
Cognos Analytics - C2090
C2090-620 IBM Cognos 10 BI Author 3/22/2011
C2090-622 IBM Cognos 10 BI Administrator 3/29/2011
C2090-632 IBM Cognos 10 BI Metadata Model Developer 4/1/2011
C2090-635 IBM Cognos 10 BI OLAP Developer 3/31/2011
C2090-645 IBM Cognos 10 BI Multidimensional Author 3/29/2011
Platform Analytics - C2020
C2020-615 IBM Cognos Real-time Monitoring Developer 4/29/2011
Platform Analytics - C2090
C2090-011 IBM SPSS Statistics Level 1 v2 11/3/2012
C2090-012 IBM SPSS Modeler Data Analysis for Business Partners v2 11/3/2012
C2090-013 IBM SPSS Modeler Data Mining for Business Partners v2 11/3/2012
C2090-101 IBM Big Data Engineer 5/11/2015
C2090-102 IBM Big Data Architect 8/6/2015
C2090-103 Apache Spark 1.6 Developer 5/25/2016
C2090-304 IBM InfoSphere QualityStage v9.1 Solution Developer 9/9/2013
C2090-305 IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer v9.1 10/17/2013
C2090-310 IBM PureData System for Transactions - Administration 3/26/2013 3/31/2018
C2090-311 IBM DB2 10.5 DBA for LUW Upgrade from DB2 10.1 9/3/2013
C2090-312 IBM DB2 11 DBA for z/OS 10/14/2013
C2090-313 DB2 11 Application Developer for z/OS 1/23/2015
C2090-317 DB2 11 System Administrator for z/OS 4/30/2014
C2090-318 DB2 12 System Administrator for z/OS 2/3/2017
C2090-320 DB2 11 Fundamentals for z/OS 3/4/2016
C2090-420 IBM InfoSphere MDM Server v9.0 2/24/2010 3/31/2018
C2090-424 InfoSphere DataStage v11.3 5/4/2015
C2090-430 IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management v11.3 (Physical) 3/8/2016
C2090-461 IBM InfoSphere Optim for Distributed Systems v9.1 9/9/2013
C2090-543 DB2 9.7 Application Development 8/31/2009
C2090-552 IBM InfoSphere Optim for Distributed Systems Fundamentals 9/19/2011
C2090-556 Informix 11.50 Application Developer 9/17/2010
C2090-558 Informix 11.70 Fundamentals 3/4/2011
C2090-560 PureData System for Analytics v7.1 9/25/2014
C2090-600 IBM DB2 11.1 DBA for LUW 7/22/2016
C2090-610 DB2 10.1 Fundamentals 4/13/2012
C2090-611 DB2 10.1 DBA for Linux UNIX and Windows 5/7/2012
C2090-612 DB2 10 DBA for z/OS 10/22/2010
C2090-614 DB2 10.1 Advanced DBA for Linux UNIX and Windows 10/20/2012
C2090-615 DB2 10.5 Fundamentals for LUW 10/7/2015
C2090-616 DB2 11.1 Fundamentals for LUW 10/14/2016
C2090-619 IBM Informix 12.10 System Administrator 6/20/2013
C2090-621 IBM Cognos Analytics Author V11 10/21/2016
C2090-623 IBM Cognos Analytics Administrator V11 12/28/2016
C2090-650 IBM InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog 5/31/2016
C2090-719 InfoSphere Warehouse V9.5 10/4/2008
C2090-913 Informix 4GL Development 12/21/2003
C2090-919 Informix 11.70 System Administrator 11/15/2010
C2090-930 IBM SPSS Modeler Professional v3 10/6/2014