IDUG DB2 Tech Conference in Melbourne, Australasia 2011
Cliftons, Melbourne, Australia
14 - 16 September, 2011

Conference Summary

This years IDUG Australasia Conference was held between 14-16 September at the Clifton's training center in Melbourne. The Clifton's venue is highly accessible with the nearby Spencer Street railway station and tram stops virtually outside the front door. The conference used 5 rooms and a breakout area on level 2. The facility was excellent in terms of comfort, sizing and accessibility. The breakout area was very comfortable. This area was also used for the vendor exhibit area and provided excellent accessibility to the vendors, food and refreshments and allowed for easy "networking".

The conference contained 4 streams on Wed, Fri and 5 streams on thursday. Quite long days – 08:00-18:00, but a lot of extremely good, valuable and varied content. Something for everyone. There were 60+ presentations. Presenters included IBM Distinguished engineers and other technical experts from the IBM labs in Toronto, Santa Theresa, UK. Also technical experts from CA, BMC, Compuware and other 3rd party vendors and consultancies.

The  content covered a wide range - DB2 on z/os platform(m/f) and DB2 on LUW (Linux, Unix, windows). Topics included  the technical -DB2 optimizer, performance, storage, access paths, version migration and DB2 v10. And topics for the more application oriented people : optimal SQL coding, hints & tips, application design, database design, security, architecture, cloud, future trends/directions, “Big” data

There was very good support from vendors in terms of sponsorship and exhibits. This has allowed IDUG to reduce registration fees to a minimum. This years registration cost was $599 (earlybird) for 3 days education !! This must be some of the lowest cost quality education that can be obtained in Australia for any industry.

There were 100+ attendees and a fantastic conference experience appeared to be had by all. Good atmosphere and ability to network in a convivial fashion with some after event functions sponsored by supporting vendors. This helped lubricate the networking larynxes.  Feedback from vendors, sponsors, delegates was very positive in terms of content and experience.

This years event was also attended by the IDUG president, Jeremy Dodd who provided some valuable insights to the workings of IDUG and it's goals and policies.

Adrian Chew Lee.