Spotlights - Monday, June 3, 10:00 AM

Db2 for z/OS Trends & Directions

Db2 for z/OS is investing for leadership in the cloud, mobile, and analytics era, while extending our mainframe heritage of 24x7 availability, security, scalability, and performance, and keeping Db2 as a top choice for next-gen IT professionals and developers. This presentation reviews the latest Db2 for z/OS enhancements, and takes a look at Db2's strategic roadmap and what the Db2 Development lab is planning for the future.

Featured Speakers:

  • Jeff JostenChief Architect Db2 for z/OS
  • Maureen TownsendDb2 for z/OS Development Director 
  • John Campbell, IBM Db2 for z/OS Development

The Road to AI - A Journey to Modernize Your Data Architecture

AI is radically transforming business. A modern information architecture (IA) is a critical prerequisite. Data is the foundation - and new workloads and hybrid- or multi cloud data architectures demand new solutions (while preserving or integrating existing investments). Expectations are endless: avoid lock-in, deliver with speed, cloud properties everywhere. with zero down-time and minimal TCO. Sounds fantastic? We share our perspective on these needs, and how AI can help us addressing them in news ways, not possible before.

Featured Speakers:

  • Peter Mierzejewski, IBM
  • Matthias Funke, IBM