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DanL Podcasts - Series 1 - The DB2 Cocktail Hour

This podcast series will focus on all things DB2. We'll be covering a number of different technical topics, and include all sorts of special guests. So, grab a cocktail and pick a topic, and let's get this DB2 Cocktail Hour Started!

Note: The content of this blog is the opinion and thoughts of the blogger and does not necessarily represent the opinions of IDUG.


The DB2 Cocktail Hour Podcast 16; DB2 for z/OS Performance Analysis and TuningFrom Los Gatos, California. This was recorded during the 2015 z Bootcamp held at the IBM Silicon Valley Lab, which is the development home base for DB2. I'm joined by IBM SWAT team member Adrian Burke from IBM and fellow gold consultant Kurt Struyf as we discuss what we have been doing lately in the area of DB2 for z/OS performance. We discuss memory, reporting, benchmarking, dynamic statement cache analysis and more. We're drinking Lagunitas IPA and Coors Light and listening to Ol 55 by Tom Waits, My Baby Shot me Down by Nancy Sinatra, and Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran.
The DB2 Cocktail Hour Podcast 15; DB2 for z/OS and LUW AuditingFrom Phoenix, Arizona. This was recorded during the 2014 IDUG North America Technical Conference at the Sheriton, Phoenix. I'm joined by Craig Mullins and we sit down to talk about the serious and complicated issue of auditing activity against a DB2 database. We discuss the importance of auditing, the choices for auditing in DB2 both old school and new school, and the challenge of dealing with the data produced from the audits. We're drinking Rodenbach and listening to Somebody's Watching Me by Rockwell, Eye in the Sky by The Alan Parsons Project, and Twilight Zone by Golden Earing. Get it?
The DB2 Cocktail Hour Podcast 14; DB2 for z/OS Performance and FuturesFrom Phoenix, Arizona. This was recorded during the 2014 IDUG North America Technical Conference at the Sheriton, Phoenix. I'm joined by Jeff Josten from IBM DB2 for z/OS development, and we are talking about various performance improvements in DB2 10, 11, and beyond! We're drinking water (I know, but it was lunch time mid conference) and listening to All in My Head by Shawn Mullins, I Hope That I Don't Fall in Love With You by Tom Waits, and Layla (unplugged) by Eric Clapton . Get the inside scoop from the guy who's as inside as inside can be!
The DB2 Cocktail Hour Podcast 13; Distilling Big DataFrom Phoenix, Arizona. This was recorded during the 2014 IDUG North America Technical Conference at the Sheriton, Phoenix. I'm joined by Ian Bjorhovde, Chris Crone, and Fred Sobotka. We decided that after getting the concept of Big Data rammed down our throats we thought that we would get together and share our thoughts on the concept and how it relates to DB2. We're drinking various brown liquors and listening to Hold On by The Alabama Shakes, Are You All Right by Lucinda Williams, and Dead Flowers by the Rolling Stones. Please listen while these industry giants speak their mind on a very hot topic.
The DB2 Cocktail Hour Podcast 12; The IDUG Content CommitteeFrom Las Vegas, Nevada. This was recorded during the 2013 IBM IOD Conference at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Several fellow consultants and IDUG Content Committee members were on hand, and so we thought we'd do a podcast explaining what we are all doing with IDUG and new content. I'm the chairman of the IDUG Content Committee, and I'm joined by Kurt Struyf of Lone Star consulting and Joe Geller of J Geller Software, who are also leaders in the Content Committee. Our charter is to cronical legacy content and provide new content to the IDUG website, as well as provide new content and interactions at IDUG technical conferences. So, in this podcast we detail some of our efforts so that you can learn about what we are doing as well as find the results of our efforts. We are drinking Coors Light and Rodenbach, the music includes Hold On by The Alabama Shakes, and Snake Farm by Ray Wylie Hubbard. The links to the various blogs on the IDUG web site can be found on the links page of
The DB2 Cocktail Hour Podcast 11; The Cross-Platform DBAFrom Lincoln, Nebraska. Joe Eller of the Nebraska Department of Labor and I discuss the life and times of a cross-platform DB2 DBA. We've both been working with DB2 on z/OS, AIX, and Windows. We compare the environments and talk about the various skills you need to work across platforms. Joe is drinking an Empyrean Third Stone Brown and I am drinking a Sierra Nevada Summerfest Lager. We're joined by Joe's wife and race car driver Teresa and we're listening to One of Those Days, Shakin' all Over and Nowhere in Time by Eilen Jewel.
The DB2 Cocktail Hour Podcast 10; Fun with DB2 LUWFrom Orlando, Florida for the IDUG NA 2013 Technical Conference! I'm joined by Ember Crooks and Scott Hayes in my room, otherwise known as the Dan Bar! We are drinking water and some of my home made beer, along with some guest beers brought over by friends. We discuss some of the big performance tuning buttons as well as some specifics about logging and backup/recovery. We're listening to Sugarfoot by Black Joe Lewis, Lost by Coldplay, and Little bit of Everything by Dawes.
The DB2 Cocktail Hour Podcast 9; XML and DB2From Orlando, Florida for the IDUG NA 2013 Technical Conference! I'm joined by famed DB2 consultant, and my brother from another, Kurt Struyf. Kurt and I have been doing a lot of research on DB2 and XML, as well as working with our customers on XML implementations in DB2. We collaborated on a stellar SQL and XML technical session at IDUG NA 2013, and thought we should take some of our experience to a podcast. We talk about all things XML and cover storage, XPATH expressions, indexing, SQL/XML, and more! We're drinking Yuengling and listening to Robbin the Liquor Store by The Scabs, Are you Alright by Lucinda Williams, and Carry On by Fun. It's been too long since I had a podcast with Kurt!
The DB2 Cocktail Hour Podcast 8; DB2 for LUW PerformanceFrom Berlin, Germany. From the IDUG EMEA Technical Conference 2012 I speak with Melanie Stopfer of IBM and independent consultant Joe Geller about DB2 for LUW Performance. This critical discussion is a rare meeting of some of the best minds in the world of DB2 for LUW. We discuss a number of important features in versions 9.7 and 10.1, and how to take advantage of these advanced features for performance. I don't remember what we were drinking, but there's a good chance there was some Rodenbach involved! The song beds include Black Horse and the Cheery Tree by KT Tunstall, a song by the Baltimore band Telesma that unfortunately I don't remember but is way cool, and Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing by Chris Isaak.
The DB2 Cocktail Hour Podcast 7; DB2 DB2 for z/OS Data SharingFrom Las Vegas, NV. In this third of three podcasts from the IBM Information on Demand Conference I speak with Mark Rader of IBM about DB2 for z/OS Data Sharing. This is a must-listen for anyone who suspects that they might not have a proper data sharing configuration as we discuss how to configure data sharing properly for what you want to use it for; performance, distribution of workload, high availability. We are drinking home made beer and Rodenbach.The song beds include The Midnight Rider by the Allman Brothers, Trouble Maker by Weezer, and Rebel Girl by Survivor!