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Triton Consulting - Thoughts on DB2

Triton Consulting are IBM Premier Business Partners and experts in DB2.  Their blog covers a range of DB2-related topics, both DB2 for z/OS and LUW.  It aims to bring together a range of technical tips, best practice, news and views on everything DB2.

Note: The content of this blog is the opinion and thoughts of the blogger and does not necessarily represent the opinions of IDUG.


Five go to IDUGIt’s a full house! We’re delighted to announce that all five of Triton’s IDUG team have had their presentations accepted, four as primary speakers and one as a co-speaker. Here’s what you have got to look forward to: Award winning ... Continue reading ->
Dr, Dr, my data is corrupt!Five signs that you need a Remote DB2 support solution! We speak to our very own in-house Dr about the signs to look out for which can tell you that it’s time to start thinking about a remote DB2 support ... Continue reading ->
Cloudy with a Chance of DevOps – A Survival Guide WebcastWe are delighted to announce that Julian Stuhler, Solutions Delivery Director at Triton Consulting has been invited to present the first in a series of IBM webcasts by IBM Gold Consultants. Julian will be taking a look at DevOps for ... Continue reading ->
What kind of summer break will your DBA be having? Sun, sea and sangria or a hotel lobby, dodgy WIFI and support calls?We’re finally thawing out after a particularly long winter. The #beastfromtheeast is a distant memory and thoughts are turning to blue skies and beaches. Now is the time to start planning for that tricky holiday silly-season. If your organisation has ... Continue reading ->
Stay in the loop!Unless you’ve been hibernating for the last six months you’ll be well aware of GDPR which comes into force on 25th May.  As data management specialists we’re working hard to make sure that we’re fully compliant with the new rules. ... Continue reading ->
Database Availability – A CIO ViewData sits at the heart of all organisations and without it everyday functions simply cannot be performed. Reliance on data availability is growing. It is vital to ensure that your organisations’ Database Availability and Recovery procedures are robust and able ... Continue reading ->
Managing the Mainframe in 2018For many large organisations the Mainframe is the workhorse powering business critical IT systems and services. Managing that beast is an immense task and one that can seemingly take ever more time and budget. In this blog we take a ... Continue reading ->
Top 5 DB2 Support Nightmares 2018 – No.1Single User Access The set-up When you install DB2 you obviously have an all-powerful instance owner ID and password. The best option, once you’ve got DB2 up and running, is to ensure that no-one, except essential support staff, has access ... Continue reading ->
I already have a DBA. Why do I need RemoteDBA?Skilled DBAs are in high demand. A DBA’s workload generally covers a huge array of tasks including; day to day database management and monitoring, database design, capacity planning, programming and development, database availability. The list goes on! With all this ... Continue reading ->
Is your industry ready to face a growing IT skills gap?There have long been concerns in the IT industry over the potential impact of the growing skills gap in the IT sector. This is particularly relevant in the world of Mainframe where 43% of the workforce are in the 50-64 ... Continue reading ->