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IDUG Db2 2019 Breaking NEWS

This year, the IDUG Db2 Tech Conference is coming to two Australian cities. Events will be held in Melbourne September 12–13, 2019 and in Canberra September 17–18, 2019. Many sessions will be presented at both events, so choose the city that works best for you.

This year’s conferences are operating with full sponsor support, and both Canberra and Melbourne will feature lineups of top international experts. Shifting from one Australia event to two will allow more Db2 professionals to attend. However, due to the new schedule, the conferences will no longer feature exam crammers; registration prices will reflect this change.

                                     !! THE CALL FOR PRESENTATIONS IS NOW OPEN !!

                                   !! Please submit applications here : Call for Presentations  !!

IDUG Db2 Tech Conference in Canberra, Australia 2019

  • !! The Call for Presentations is now open !!
  • The 2019 IDUG Tech Conference in Australia will be taking place in Canberra from September 18-19 2019
  • Need motivation for registering? Need to convince your boss?  Check out Michael Krafick on Channel Db2 on YouTube!

Conference Agenda

View the Agenda soon to see the session offerings of interest to you. 

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