Special Track – Zowe

Wednesday June 5 - Zowe™ Day
  • Session 1: Introduction to Zowe™! An overview of all the value Zowe™ brings, including a demonstration.
  • Session 2: It's open source! A look under the hood at the Zowe™ architecture (2-3 technical presenters). Key Topics: architecture, dependencies, Sysplex exploitation, API architecture, cross domain exploitation, emphasize integration with Jenkins and Git.
  • Session 3:  Re-envisioning old workflows with new technologies: Using Zowe™ to manage datasets and jobs with UI and CLI tools.
  • Hands-on Lab: Zowe™ opens up z/OS to the open-source tools and technologies that are commonly used to automate development, testing, and deployment of software on other platforms. In this session you will have the opportunity to review the elements of a modern DevOps pipeline for a CICS transaction application written in COBOL and running on IBM Db2.
  • Keynote: Thursday, June 6 at 8 am - IBM, Broadcom, and Rocket. Hayden Lindsey, Broadcom Mainframe CTO; Joe Devlin, Rocket CTO; and Barry Baker IBM VP, Software.

Continue to check this page for more session updates! View the Zowe™ sessions and the full conference schedule here

We’re making the mainframe open to everyone.

Get more out of your mainframe! Open Mainframe Project, which aims to develop shared open-source tool sets and resources for the mainframe, launched Zowe™ last August. Zowe is a new open source software framework that bridges the divide between modern applications and the mainframe, providing easier interoperability and scalability among products and solutions from multiple vendors. Zowe is the first open-source project based on z/OS and an exciting step forward for the mainframe community.

What is Zowe?

Zowe is a framework by Open Mainframe Project based on every modern technology stack that software developers require to be agile and responsive as their businesses become more tech-enabled. It’s completely open, and it was purpose-built for z/OS. That’s important because it allows for cross-company product integration for the very first time.

Zowe breaks down the walls that have made universal mainframe development so challenging. Open Mainframe Project members Broadcom, IBM, and Rocket Software initially contributed the code and are committed to building products, solutions, and experiences which will integrate across our offerings and will also and work seamlessly together across vendors.

We believe the mainframe should be open to any developer, and we’ve been proud to offer 30+ open-source languages and tools for IBM Z, which help make that possible. Zowe takes that idea one step further. As an open-source project under the Open Mainframe Project, any enterprise or solution developer can participate in the development of Zowe. All code from the Zowe project will be made available under the Eclipse Public License 2.0

Zowe is open.
Zowe makes the mainframe agile, not just powerful.
Zowe makes the mainframe new again.