Motivational Keynote, Monday, 21st October, 8:30


The AI Tightrope - The Why ... The What ... and How to be a part of it, Paul Zikopoulos

Paul Zikopoulos, VP of Big Data Cognitive Systems, IBM: Magic is glass slippers that turn you into a princess or a kissed frog that becomes a prince; AI is not magic. It's a discipline that's based on data; and just like a gym membership that's left sitting, if you don't use your data acumen, you won't get anywhere in terms of results. AI has become a LIFT, SHIFT, RIFT, or CLIFF moment for individuals and companies ... and while the term AI is a bit too 'buzzy' right now ... it's here to stay and it will completely change organizations and employee expectations forever.

IBM Keynote, Tuesday, 22nd October, 8:30

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Journey to AI, Al Martin

Join Al Martin, VP of Development for Db2 Z and Watson Tools as he discusses the ladder to AI. Business & Strategy for Data & AI. Data is the foundation, AI is the goal, how to get there is the challenge.

Broadcom Keynote, Wednesday, 23rd October, 8:30


Hybrid IT: Embracing the Rapid Rate Change in Technology, Nicole Fagen

Nicole Fagen, Broadcom, Inc: One of the biggest customer obstacles is innovating while managing the fast rate of change to keep critical business systems running. Attend this keynote to learn how innovations that leverage Machine Learning, AI and automation can help simplify complex environments and enable greater IT efficiencies.

Closing Keynote by BMC Software, Thursday, 24th October, 12:10

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10 Years Later: The State of DevOps

Join BMC VP of R&D Jonathan Adams for a conversation about scaling your DevOps strategy by focusing on data and culture. As DevOps enters its second decade, it's time to re-evaluate your strategy. Organizations can easily fall into the trap of setting for "good enough" because measuring productivity and flow across varying teams and systems is challenging.