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Expert tips on building and administering DB2 LUW databases for WebSphere Commerce

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Using TSA/db2haicu to Automate Failover Part 5: Additional Configuration Best PracticesIBM has published a document with some additional best practices for configuring TSAMP, so I thought I would add an article to my TSA series covering these settings. My TSAMP series is what I am most often recognized for, I think, and one that I most often refer people to.
Hello, Db2 World! PowerShellI have published several articles on PowerShell. But the "Hello, Db2 World!" series is designed to be a quick and fairly simple way of properly connecting to a Db2 database. Check out the GitHub repository folder for this blog entry. Db2 Drivers Note that before starting, you should have a
Update on Ember’s Data Science Journey – August 1st, 2018One of the struggles for any well-employed person is to find time for further training and educating themselves. Thus I find that I make a lot of progress toward my data science learning goals on airplanes and from airports. I don't travel a lot for work -- maybe once a
The Db2 Recovery History FileCritical to recovering a database, but largely invisible, it is a good idea to understand the recovery history file, what it contains, and how to access it. What is the Recovery History File? The recovery history file is one of the many files associated with a database, but it is
Hello, Db2 World! – How to Connect to a Db2 (LUW) DatabaseConnecting to a database is required before most actions can be taken on the database. A Db2 connection is made at the database level, and not at the instance or server level. This entry focuses on how to establish a connection to work with a Db2 database. It applies to
What do I Think Data Science is?This is one of those blog entries that I write and I know it will be obsolete and I will show my own ignorance and cringe at it in five years, but I have to write it anyway. I know that Iam biased. I come from a relational database background,
The db2support Problem with Db2 11.1, Fix Pack 3 (LUW)IBM released fix pack 3, mod pack 3 for Db2 11.1 earlier this year, and there was a high-severity problem in the initial version of that fix pack. IBM fixed the problem and re-released the fix pack within about a day, but the bug was reported far and wide, while
RDBMS Basics: Indexes and Clustered IndexesWhat is an index in an RDBMS(Relational DataBase Management System), and what are the benefits and drawbacks of using an index? Why don't we index everything? How is a clustered index different? Indexes are powerful tools in relational databases. They can speed up performance of queries exponentiall… is now!I'm renaming to - learn my motivations and my path going forward...
Determining Which IP Address Db2 Connections are Connecting ToDatabase servers these days sometimes have a profusion of IP Addresses. IP V4, V6, management networks, and Virtual IP addresses all add to the ways applications connect in to a database server. I ran into an issue recently where I really needed to know what IP address was being used