Wednesday Keynote - May 1st at 8:00 AM

Grand Sierra E

The Latest News on DB2 Application Development Technology 

This session will discuss the new and improved technologies that IBM is developing for application developers.   Most large enterprises are starting to focus on new applications for mobile devices and systems of engagement.   These new applications often incorporate JavaScript and JSON.    The applications also frequently need simplified programming models, extreme flexibility in database schema evolution, and ultra-agile development models.   This session will describe how IBM is going to address these trends, so that DB2 can play a central role in these new applications.    We'll go into detail on the new NoSQL JSON datastore and the new Node.js support for DB2, which form the basis of DB2's support for JavaScript. 


Curt_Cotner Curt Cotner 
IBM Fellow and VP/CTO for IBM Data Management   
Curt has technical and management oversight of IBM's Data Studio and Optim products that provide application development and administration support for both IBM and non-IBM database products. Curt holds approximately 40 patents in database technology topic areas.  Prior to taking his current assignment, Curt was the chief architect of the DB2 for z/OS product, where he designed and developed many key features of the DB2 for z/OS. 
Bill_Bireley Bill Bireley 
Java/DB2 Application Architect 
Bill Bireley is a Senior Developer at IBM. He has contributed to a number of IBM's database-related products. After working on DB2 for z/OS for 10 years, he has concentrated on Java Database Access - including the IBM JDBC Driver, SQLJ, and pureQuery. He is currently investigating NoSQL technology and how it can be incorporated in DB2.