Photo by Wolfgang Staudt, used under CC BY 2.0
Photo by Wolfgang Staudt, used under CC BY 2.0
IDUG DB2 Tech Conference in Barcelona, Spain 2013
The purpose of this page is to provide attendees with detailed information about the 2013 IDUG DB2 Tech Conference, which will take place from October 13-18, 2013 at the Gran Hotel Princesa Sofia in Barcelona, Spain.
Check out these pages to get all the information you need about this event:

Educational Seminars at a Glance

Check our Educational Seminars page for more details on each session.

DB2 for z/OS Memory Management Masterclass - Julian Stuhler [Triton Consulting]

This class will consist of a comprehensive look at the architecture, management and performance tuning issues associated with DB2 for z/OS system storage, and is aimed at DB2 for z/OS Systems Programmers and DBAs wishing to enhance their knowledge of DB2 memory management and tuning in V9, V10 and beyond.

DB2 z/OS High Performance Design and Tuning: Classic Techniques and DB2 10 Considerations - Susan Lawson [YL&A]

Achieving maximum performance from DB2 requires a different approach and stricter methodologies than simply getting a DB2 application to perform well. In today’s high volume/high performance environments the rules have changed and we must find every tuning knob in order to get another transaction through the system.

DB2 LUW Problem Determination and Troubleshooting Workshop - Pavel Sustr [IBM] & Samir Kapoor [IBM]

The popular DB2 LUW troubleshooting seminar, updated with the newest techniques and LIVE DEMOS! Learn how to identify and resolve problems such as database hangs, locking problems, crashes and optimizer or performance problems. Get familiar with diagnostic tools. Learn how and when to use these troubleshooting tools for a quick problem resolution. Topics covered: Performance, Optimizer, FODC, Hangs, Locking/Latching, and Crashes/Traps.

Matching Indexes to SQL - Bonnie Baker [Bonnie Baker Corp.]

Index design in DB2 for z/OS is a whole new game today. There have been so many changes in the last few releases that our index design techniques should be readdressed.

Advanced SQL Coding and Performance - Dan Luksetich [DanL Database Consulting]

This is a cross-platform advanced SQL seminar with a focus on performance. Learn advanced SQL coding techniques, as well as exactly when to use these techniques for various coding situations.


Highlight Sessions

Check our Session schedule for the complete overview.

DB2 11 for z/OS Technical Overview, John Campbell [IBM Corporation]

This double session will provide a technical overview of the functions and features of the new DB2 11 for z/OS release. New functions and features related to performance, availability, utilities, security, analytics will be introduced and discussed.

An Inside Look at the Next Release of DB2 LUW, Matt Huras [IBM Corporation]

This presentation provides an insider's look of the next release of DB2 LUW. It provides a technical view of the new features, the value they bring to database users, how they can be used to solve problems, as well as their key internal design points.

DB2 with BLU Acceleration - Live!, Matthias Nicola [IBM Corporation]

Tired of presentations and looking at slide after slide after slide? In this session, I will project a command window (in a large font) and go through creating, loading, querying, and analyzing a database with column-organized tables. This will give you the most close-up look at BLU Acceleration and illustrates the simple steps to exploit this new technology.

Explaining Tuning Results to the C-level, Thomas Baumann [Swiss Mobiliar]

From presenting single tuning results to periodically reporting tuning benefits – learn how to explain these tuning efforts to a C-level audience.

The Challenges and the Redesign of BigData Mission Critical Application, Bryan Paulsen [John Deere]

This past year John Deere embarked on a redesign of a telematics application and database that has grown up into a BigData mission critical system in order to provide greater availability and scalability. This presentation will cover the challenges of the application and a variety of DB2 features that we used or chose not to use in enhancing the application and database.

Fun With SQL, Kurt Struyf [SuadaSoft] and Dan Luksetich [DanL Database Consulting]

Fun With SQL teamwork: A list of SQL challenges is presented to all groups and when the first challenge is done, the participants group can move to the next challenge.