DB2 Expert Panels

Have your questions answered directly by an esteemed expert panel of IBM strategists and developers, consultants and independent DB2 users! By hosting two separate Expert Panels (z/OS and LUW), the questions will not only be more relevant to you, but we'll effectively double the number that can be asked.

The z/OS Expert Panel will consist of:

  • Jeffery Berger [IBM]
  • Chris Crone [IBM]
  • Namik Hrle [IBM]
  • Frank Petersen [JN DATA]
  • Dan Luksetich [DanL Database Consulting]

Submit your questions to the z/OS Expert Panel here.

The LUW Expert Panel will consist of:

  • Matt Huras [IBM]
  • Steve Rees [IBM]
  • David Kalmuk [IBM]
  • Ole Holmskov [HITCON]
  • Phil Nelson [ScotDB Ltd.]

Submit your questions to the LUW Expert Panel here.


Photo by Shaun Dunmall, used under CC BY-SA 2.0