IDUG DB2 Tech Conference, Phoenix, Arizona

May 12 - May 16, Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix, Arizona

Join us for IDUG DB2 Tech Conference, Phoenix, Arizona, USA 2014

Join us for the IDUG DB2 Tech Conference - North America 2014 in Phoenix, Arizona. The IDUG DB2 Tech Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, will take place May 12 - May 16, 2014. This event will feature the latest in DB2 technologies, networking opportunities and the technical content you need to be successful. 

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BLU Acceleration: The Future of Analytics in the Era of Faster than RAM Computing
Sam Lightstone

By 2020 the world will have created 35 zettabytes of data (35,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes). In 2014 the volume of data created by U.S. companies alone will be enough to fill ten thousand Libraries of Congress. To address this unparalleled and accelerating generation of vast data sets a new generation of technologies is emerging to provide analytics at the speed of thought. BLU Acceleration, IBM's new breakthrough columnar encoded data engine provides industry leading technology for terabyte class data marts and warehouses. This technology provides dramatic improvements to ease of use, performance and storage consumption, with examples of SQL query speed up by over 1000 times. Using faster than RAM processing and load-and-go simplicity, queries that may have required hours to complete on traditional technology can now complete in seconds. This session provides an overview of the new technology, a peek at its underlying technology concepts, and a view into its future evolution where faster than RAM processing provides unprecedented scale, simplicity and availability. Join us for an inspirational view into the future of analytics.



DB2 for z/OS Trends and Directions
John Campbell, Jeff Josten and Joachim Limburg


IBM DB2 11 for z/OS is our latest release that has been available since October 2013. This offering addresses many key customer requirements and features. This session will present the latest usage and experiences with this version. It will also present the latest recommendations, updates and news on DB2 10. We will also touch on future development trends with DB2 Cypress.





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