Praise for IDUG in Prague!

The IDUG DB2 Tech Conference in Prague was a success, drawing almost 500 attendees from across the globe – the largest conference since 2008! Attendees received first-rate education and exclusive networking opportunities, as well as complimentary certification workshops and testing. This was the first IDUG event to incorporate the newly released IDUG Mobile App, and it was a great success! Conference attendees could be seen regularly checking out session details, speaker information and more on their phones and tablets through the app. Many attendees planned their conference schedule in advance of the event and added a total of 3,800 sessions to their personal agendas. 

More than 100 technical sessions featured in-demand industry experts who shared their insight and expertise on DB2 trends today and in the future. 

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Keynote Highlights

Attendees enjoyed hearing from opening keynote speaker Caspar Berry, whose presentation tied together his experiences in poker, business and life. Namik Hrle and Paul Zikopoulos’ keynote address focused on DB2 trends and directions, and Thursday’s closing keynote speaker, Jan Henderyckx provided an in-depth look into information strategy.

Top Speakers:

Top 10 Overall Presenters (Alphabetical)

John Campbell (AB1)

Florence Dubois (B16)

Matt Huras (C02)

Michael Krafick (F13)

Dale McInnis (C08)

Terry Purcell (B14)

Steve Rees (D09)

Haakon Roberts (A11)

Kelly Schlamb (C17)

Kurt Struyf (F07)

Best User Presentation

Attack of the Blob! (Managing BLOBs within a DB2 Database)

Michael Krakick, Columbian Financial Group

Best Overall Presentation

High Availability Disaster Recovery and Performance – A Marriage Made in Heaven

Dale McInnis, IBM Corporation

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Conference Proceedings

Miss something while in Prague? Conference proceedings are now available for download. Please note: You must be logged in to access conference proceedings. To access this important information, please follow these steps:

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  • Choose to download materials by track or to download all conference proceedings.

After you select your download, you will be prompted to log in. The download will begin automatically.

Save the Date

We hope you enjoyed your time in Prague and returned home with valuable new DB2 knowledge and professional connections. Don’t forget to mark your calendar for IDUG in Philadelphia, May 4-8, 2015, and IDUG in Dublin, 15-20 November, 2015.