Monday Keynote - May 4th at 8:00 AM

Room: Delaware

Big Data, Analytics and the Future of Data Management

Businesses are facing a "perfect storm" where all available data must be used - inside and outside an enterprise; new types of analytics have emerged; decision making is moving from the elite few to the empowered many; and the expectations of new value and actionable insight from data have never been higher. Data is fueling tremendous innovation and we are experiencing a sea change in the way value is created.

New technologies and architectures are now available to take advantage of these changing requirements. Big Data conjures up many perceptions and misconceptions around velocity, variety, volume, and veracity, but what does this really mean? What role will Hadoop play? BigSQL?

More than ever before, organizations need better insights to fuel their business, and they know that unlocking the insights from all this data is the key. Clients need analytics to make the best decisions possible, and they need analytics to optimize their processes at the point of impact.

This session will review the new architectures that can realize the full value of all data, using a full spectrum of analytics to solve the business imperatives across every business function. These strategies will enable clients to turn data into insight and then into action faster than ever before.

Tim Vincent

Tim Vincent  
Vice President, CTO, IBM Analytics

Tim Vincent is an IBM Fellow, Vice President and the CTO for the IBM Analytics Division. As CTO, Tim drives the overall technical strategy for the Information Management, Cognos & SPSS products in IBM. Currently the industry is going through a large transformation with topics such as Big Data, Open Source noSQL technologies, Cloud and Mobile dominating companies thoughts.

Namik Hrle

Namik Hrle  
IBM Fellow, IBM Analytics Platforms

Namik Hrle is an IBM Fellow, member of the IBM Academy of Technology, Software Architecture Board Steering Committee and many other IBM's expert teams. He specializes in information management technology and helps customers deploy and optimally exploit information management products. He is currently developing IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator which augments DB2 with industry leading complex query performance and appliance simplicity.