Educational Seminars

IDUG Educational Seminars are an opportunity to take a deep dive into specific aspects of DB2 with some of the most renowned speakers in our industry. You will not only have the opportunity to listen to these speakers but will have the opportunity to ask them specific questions as well.
This year the seminars will be held on Friday, November 20 and the full day experience includes lunch as well as hard copies of the course materials. There is an additional registration fee for these seminars of €495 + VAT. For paid full IDUG Conference delegates, the rate is reduced to €450 + VAT.
Get the most educational value out of your conference attendance by adding any of these educational seminars to your registration!


DB2 Advanced Programming, Automation and Performance

Speaker: Daniel Luksetich [DanL Database Consulting]

Both DB2 for LUW and DB2 for z/OS contain a set of advanced functionality that can provide significant programming and automation to applications. Application developers that understand these advanced features can take advantage of them to improve the flexibility and performance of their database applications. Centralizing application logic in the database engine can also make applications easier to develop and more portable. This one day seminar, which is beneficial to database administrators and application developers will introduce the attendee to the various advanced programming features of DB2 for z/OS and LUW that can be utilized to save development time and improve application and database performance. Within each subject area the advantages and disadvantages of the feature will be discussed as well as the performance implications.


DB2 for z/OS fundamentals, explaining what everybody expects you to know

 Speaker: Kurt Struyf [Suadasoft]


This class covers the basics in DB2, but explains them in detail. It is the ideal one day in depth explanation of concept and techniques. It’s a full overview of the most critical parts of DB2. If you are at a junior level, you don’t want to miss this class as new insights will be given. If you are a senior level DBA, you might want to refresh some of your knowledge. This class provide a full understanding of 

  • The different address spaces
  • Logging
  • DB2 objects and how they work
  • Security concepts
  • Buffer and other pools
  • SQL performance 101
  • Recovery basics and system recovery introduction

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OMG! Experience is a Hard Teacher – Lessons Learned that You Should Know!

Speaker:  Melanie Stopfer [IBM]

Melanie Stopfer is a IBM Consulting Learning Specialist and Developer and recognized worldwide as a DB2 subject matter expert. As a Certified DB2 10.5 Advanced Technical Expert, she has provided in-depth technical customer support in recovery, performance and database upgrade best practices since 1988. In the past few years, there have been times that DB2 has tested customers before they could learn the lesson.
Come to this presentation and let Melanie teach you the lessons learned so you are ready for your next DB2 LUW “pop” quiz:
  • Utilizing product enhancements and features that make your life easier
  • Tips and Techniques to get the most from DB2 Utilities
  • Getting more out of your error messages by decoding the secrets
  • Monitoring, tuning
  • and many more lessons learned will be discussed

By learning from others mistakes, you can learn how to make things right!

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DB2 LUW Problem Determination and Troubleshooting Workshop

Speaker: Pavel Sustr and Anthony Reina [IBM]


The popular troubleshooting seminar, updated with the newest problem determination techniques and LIVE DEMOS! Learn how to identify and resolve database hangs, locking problems, crashes, optimizer issues, and performance problems. Get familiar with diagnostic tools. Learn how and when to use these troubleshooting tools for a quick problem resolution. Topics covered: Performance; Optimizer; FODC; Hangs; Locking/Latching; and Crashes/Traps. Attendees will be able to characterize a problem in order to expedite resolution, learn how and what data to collect during intermittent hangs, slow-downs, and other frequent problems, and understand DB2 Support’s methodology in troubleshooting DB2 and even non-DB2 hiccups. The seminar contains live demos during which the audience will be given an opportunity to perform an interactive investigation of selected problems: database hang, abnormal termination, sub-optimal access plan, bad page, and slow performance.

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