These industry experts and thought leaders will inspire you at the 2015 DB2 Tech Conference. 
Disruption and innovation: its effect on the database and vice versa

Philip Howard, Research Director of Bloor Research Philip Howard, Research Director of Bloor Research

When: Monday,  Nov 16th  


"There is arguably more innovation in and around the IT industry than ever before: new types of data, more data, faster data, new types of database, new deployment models and new environments and technologies. At the same time there is pressure from the business for more capability, more analytics, better security and more compliance. And it's not as if budgets are increasing. In this presentation we will discuss these trends and directions, the technologies we think will be most important, and where the market is going and what impact this will have on users. There will be a particular focus on how we see the evolution of the database market."

Speaker's bio:

Philip Howard started in the computer industry way back in 1973 and has variously worked as a systems analyst, programmer and salesperson, as well as in marketing and product management, for a variety of companies including GEC Marconi, GPT, Philips Data Systems, Raytheon and NCR.

After a quarter of a century of not being his own boss Philip set up his own company in 1992 and his first client was Bloor Research (then ButlerBloor), with Philip working for the company as an associate analyst. His relationship with Bloor Research has continued since that time and he is now Research Director focused on Data Management.

Data management refers to the management, movement, governance and storage of data and involves diverse technologies that include (but are not limited to) databases and data warehousing, data integration (including ETL, data migration and data federation), data quality, master data management, metadata management and log and event management. Philip also tracks spreadsheet management and complex event processing.

In addition to the numerous reports Philip has written on behalf of Bloor Research, Philip also contributes regularly to and and was previously editor of both "Application Development News" and "Operating System News" on behalf of Cambridge Market Intelligence (CMI). He has also contributed to various magazines and written a number of reports published by companies such as CMI and The Financial Times. Philip speaks regularly at conferences and other events throughout Europe and North America.

Away from work, Philip's primary leisure activities are canal boats, skiing, playing Bridge (at which he is a Life Master).

DB2 for z/OS Trends and Directions

John Campbell, IBM Distinguished Engineer John Campbell, IBM Distinguished Engineer

When: Tueasday, Nov 17th 


"DB2 for z/OS and IBM z Systems provide a foundation for unparalleled enterprise database capabilities that are required by today's and tomorrow's mission critical applications.  Recent technical advancements in DB2 and z Systems have extended these capabilities for the new era of cloud, analytics, and mobile.This presentation reviews some of the more notable deliverables in the current DB2 10 and 11 releases.The presentations will also take a peek into the future at the next DB2 release code named Cypress, and how DB2 for z/OS will continue to be the enterprise database of choice for the world's most demanding applications"

Speaker's bio:

John Campbell is an IBM Distinguished Engineer reporting to the Vice President, IBM Analytics on z System Development at the IBM Silicon Valley Lab. He has extensive experience of DB2 for z/OS in terms of systems, database and applications design. He specialises in design for high performance and data sharing.
He is one of IBM's foremost authorities for implementing high end database / transaction processing applications.
DB2 LUW and dashDB Trends and Directions

Berni Schiefer, IBM Fellow Berni Schiefer, IBM Fellow

When, Tuesday, Nov 17th 


"DB2 LUW, PDOA and dashDB are rapidly evolving to play a central role in next generation transactional and analytics systems. By delivering seamless and transparent SQL access to our capabilities in software, in an appliance and in the cloud we deliver unparalleled flexibility in how our advanced capabilities can be delivered and consumed. This presentation reviews the most significant new capabilities,  outlines the general direction of our future development and illustrates the role DB2 LUW, PDOA and dashDB play in an overall Big Data architecture."

Speaker's bio:

Berni Schiefer is an IBM Fellow in the IBM Analytics Group.  He is responsible for a global team that focusses on the performance and scalability of products and solutions in the Analytics Group, specifically for Big Data technologies including Spark, BigInsights, Big SQL, dashDB, DB2 pureScale and DB2 with BLU acceleration.  His passion is in bringing advanced technology to market with a particular emphasis on exploiting processor, memory, networking, storage technology and other hardware and software acceleration technologies.  Since joining the IBM Canada lab in 1985, he has worked closely with many customers, ISVs and business partners around the world.  Berni has a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Saskatchewan.


A Perfect Storm: Challenges of the Digital Tomorrow

Jonathan Adams Jonathan Adams, Vice President of R&D at BMC Software

When: Thursday, Nov 19th 


When good enough isn’t good enough – is your business keeping up with the new Digital Businesses? Today businesses need to re-align or invest in new technology and business models to engage with today’s new consumer. Customers today are sophisticated, tech-savvy consumers with high expectations.  Consumers today expect everything to be connected, everything to have voice control, and everything will have an impact on their lives.  Drug makers are working to develop a smart contact lens with the potential to monitor the wearer’s blood sugar level.  Eventually, every product and service will go digital, creating massive volumes of data that may be more valuable than the original data. Everything is connected.

The storm is only going to get worse. It is estimated that by 2020, more than seven billion people and businesses, and at least 30 billion devices, will be connected to the Internet.

How are you going to stay in touch with your new technological consumer? What new technology are you going to adopt?  Social and the Internet of Things, Mobile apps, Analytics, Cloud, Big Data, Automation, Mainframe?  Are you going to use business intelligence, analytics, or possibly even Watson to stay in touch with your customer to find insights?  Finding insights in your data – doesn’t that generate more data?  How are you going to manage your new digital business infrastructure?  How do you plan to service your technological consumers with the information they need in a timely manner?

Speaker's bio:

Jonathan Adams is vice president and general manager of ZSolutions and Select Technologies at BMC Software, Inc. He leads product management, research and development, and marketing for the company’s full suite of mainframe products as well as those in its Select Technologies portfolio.