Application Development Track - Session Details

The IDUG Australasia 2015 Education Event Planning Committee are delighted to be able to presents the following topics related to Application Development and DB2 from speakers from IBM, Vendors and leading independant experts. Below are listed the range of topical subjects that are on offer to be viewed.

Attending one of these will not only allow you to learn about it from an expert but will also provide the opportunity to ask the speakers any specific questions you may have or think of on the topic.


Follow the links below to view session details:


Session Title Presenter
  • DB2 Advanced SQL and Performance

  Dan Luksetich, [DanL Consulting]

  • Taking Advantage of DB2's Advanced SQL Features

  Dan Luksetich, [DanL Consulting]

  • Fun with SQL (Session 1)

  Dan Luksetich, [DanL Consulting]

  Kurt Struyf [Sudasoft]

  • Fun with SQL (Session 2)

  Dan Luksetich, [DanL Consulting],

  Kurt Struyf [Sudasoft]

  • Stored Procedures, Why, When and How?

  Kurt Struyf [Sudasoft]

  • Overview of DB2 10 and 11 SQL Enhancements

  Chris Crone, [IBM]

  • Build a DB2 for z/OS Mobile Application

  Jane Man, [IBM]

  • SQL APIs for JSON in DB2 for z/OS

  Jane Man, [IBM]

  • Stuttgartter's XML Experience in DB2 for z/OS

  Jane Man, [IBM]

  • Advanced SQL Design Considerations

  Phil Grainger, [BMC Software]

  • The many Languages of Data and DB2. (It is not just SQL anymore)

  Tony Winch, [Datasync]

  • Porting DB2TE into Bluemix using node.js

  Peter Prib, [Frygma P/L]