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IDUG DB2 Tech Conference Presentation Archive

Below are links to download IDUG DB2 Tech Conference Presentations. NOTE: These are only open to members of IDUG. If you are not a member, please CLICK HERE for more information.

Aamer Sachedina Database I/O in the Brave New World (C16) Details
Aamer Sachedina Scaling SAP applications with DB2 pureScale (D10) Details
Alexander Kopac 50 Fabulous ways for forecasting failures, flaws, & finding flubber in DB2 LUW (D12) Details
Alexander Kopac DB2 LUW - Diagnosing & Curing? Lock, Wait & Performance Bottlenecks (D05) Details
Bernie O'Connor DB2 pureScale on Linux - Anixter Case Study (C13) Details
Chris Eaton Data Governance for DBAs – Securing Production Data Assets (C07) Details
Chris Eaton Data Governance for DBAs – Privacy for Test Data Assets (C08) Details
Frank Petersen Long distance call using pureScale - Early experiences (C12) Details
Frederik Engelen A DBA’s guide to using TSA (C09) Details
John Hornibrook Don't flip out! How to stop your query access plans from flopping (D17) Details
John Hornibrook Introduction to query optimization, explain and access plans (D15) Details
Kelly Schlamb Understanding and Tuning Page Cleaning in DB2 (C17) Details
Leon Katsnelson DB2 and Cloud Computing: Why should I care? (C06) Details
Leon Katsnelson Sneak peek at the future of DB2 application development (C03) Details
Martin Hubel Effective DB2 for LUW Buffer Pool Strategies (C11) Details
Martin Hubel Tuning SAP with DB2 for LUW (D09) Details
Matt Huras DB2 pureScale : Internals and Best Practices for DBAs (C02) Details
Matt Huras The Latest from the Lab on DB2 pureScale (C01) Details
Melanie Stopfer Detailed access plan analysis and query tuning using explain information (D16) Details
Melanie Stopfer Stuffed with Great Enhancements DB2 9.7 Fix Pack New Features (D08) Details
Michael Tiefenbacher Useful but widely unknown DB2 functionalities (D13) Details
Michael Tiefenbacher The proactive DBA (D01) Details
Paul Turpin What Is Happening in My Package Cache? (D04) Details
Paul Turpin Index Friend or Foe? (D06) Details
Philip Nelson ADMIN_MOVE_TABLE : the DBA's New Swiss Army Knife (D07) Details
Saeid Mohseni Deep dive in DB2 LUW's offline table reorg and index reorg (D11) Details
Scott Hayes I/O, I/O, it’s off to Disk I go – I/O Optimization, Elimination, & SSD (C15) Details
Scott Hayes DB2 LUW Index Design, Best Practices, and Case Studies - Updated (D14) Details
Serge Rielau SQL on Fire (New Edition!) (C05) Details
Serge Rielau Problem determination in SQL Routines and Triggers using profiling (D03) Details
Steve Rees Advanced Performance Diagnostics for SQL in DB2 9.7 and PureScale (C14) Details
Steve Rees Eliminating Performance Bottlenecks in DB2 9.7 and PureScale (D02) Details
Steve Rees DB2 pureScale Performance - the Significant Bits About Configuration, Monitoring and Tuning (C10) Details
Steven Sit Smarter Analytics for Big Data (C04) Details