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IDUG DB2 Tech Conference Presentation Archive

Below are links to download IDUG DB2 Tech Conference Presentations. NOTE: These are only open to members of IDUG. If you are not a member, please CLICK HERE for more information.

Adrian Collett Auditing with the DB2 for z/OS Log (E01) Details
Andreas Schori From Statement Cache to a Consolidated SQL Repository (F17) Details
Bonnie Baker SQL Update - Bonnie's take on the new SQL in V8/9/10 (E08) Details
Bonnie Baker SQL Update - Bonnie's take on the new SQL in V8/9/10 (E07) Details
Bryan Smith DB2 Statistics and Data Studio (F15) Details
Bryan Smith pureQuery for DBAs (z/OS and LUW) (F16) Details
Cuneyt Goksu Practical Recipes for Daily DBA Activities using DB2 9 and 10 for z/OS (F03) Details
Curt Cotner Using Capture/Replay Technology to Dramatically Improve Your DB2 System (F14) Details
Daniel Luksetich DB2 for z/OS and XML (E04) Details
Dave Beulke Database Performance Discoveries and Recommendations (E14) Details
Dave Beulke DB2 10 Temporal database designs for performance (E02) Details
David Simpson SQL for the 21st Century - Overlooked Enhancements (F05) Details
Fred Sobotka Real-World XML Application Development Patterns for DB2 (F08) Details
Haakon Roberts Best Practices for Utilities on DB2 for z/OS (F13) Details
Isaac Yassin There's a kind of HASH (E16) Details
Jim Wankowski Managing DB2 Performance in a Heterogeneous Environment (F10) Details
Jorg Lueke Terror by Design (F04) Details
Kurt Struyf To Log or To Lose (E09) Details
Marcel Lévy Speed Up SQL Inserts with DB2 for z/OS Data Sharing (E03) Details
Namik Hrle Efficient Monitoring of Dynamic SQL (E06) Details
Paolo Bruni DB2 10 for z/OS Distributed Environment Performance Topics (E11) Details
Patric Becker Influence Factors for Data Warehouse Performance (F11) Details
Pete Suhner Federation - Join your forces in the InfoSphere (E17) Details
Peter Bendel IBM Smart Analytics Optimizer: Technical deep dive (F09) Details
sandi smith INLINE LOBS - Dare We Go There? (E10) Details
Sheldon Rich Performance Tuning in the Real World (E13) Details
Suresh Sane Come, miscode some SQL with me… (F02) Details
Suresh Sane DB2 10 Application topics – A customer experience (F07) Details
Susan Lawson DB2 10 for z/OS Performance Opportunities (F01) Details
Susan Lawson DB2 9 and 10 Table and Index Design Stategies (F12) Details
Terry Purcell DB2 for z/OS Optimizer: What have you done for me lately? (E15) Details
Thanikachalam "Billy" Sundarrajan De-mystifing JDBC Universal Drivers - for the z/OS DBA (E05) Details
Ulf Heinrich Can I control a dynamic world? - Dynamic SQL Management for DB2 z/OS (E12) Details
Zeljen Stanic Let's make IT (DB2) better ! (F06) Details