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IDUG DB2 Tech Conference Presentation Archive

Below are links to download IDUG DB2 Tech Conference Presentations. NOTE: These are only open to members of IDUG. If you are not a member, please CLICK HERE for more information.

Akiko Hoshikawa DB2 10 for z/OS Performance Preview (A03) Details
Bill Arledge A 411 on the DB2 Directory (F10) Details
Billy Sundarrajan DB2 z/OS - Hands free approach to maintenance of multi terabyte tables (B08) Details
Bryan Paulsen John Deere's User Experience with DB2 9 New Features (B09) Details
Bryan Smith Data Studio and Optim Administration Tooling for DB2 for z/OS DBAs (F01) Details
Craig Mullins The Return of the DB2 Top Ten Lists (B13) Details
Daniel Luksetich DB2 for z/OS SQL Performance Choices (F03) Details
David Beulke Java DB2 Developer Performance Best Practices (E08) Details
David Churn DB2 9 tricks for COBOL programs (G06) Details
David Simpson A Few Things to Know Before Migrating to DB2 9 for z/OS (A07) Details
Elizabeth Hamel Maximizing the Value of DB2 for z/OS in Data Warehousing (G04) Details
Frank Petersen How to Cope with Soap? WebServices on DB2 for z/OS (B14) Details
Frank Petersen Best Solution in DB2 for z/OS (F11) Details
Guy Lohman IBM Smart Analytics Optimizer -- Not Your Father's Database System! (G12) Details
Haakon Roberts DB2 10 Availability Enhancements (A08) Details
Jack Bailey Generic Attach on Z/OS (or attachment demystified) (A13) Details
Jeff Gross IFI you don't know, ask! (E11) Details
Jim Dee Rev up your SQL Applications with Enhanced Statistics! (F07) Details
Jim Dee Squeeze the Most Out of your Indexes in DB2 9! (E03) Details
John Campbell DB2 for z/OS Optimizing Insert Performance - Part I (B06) Details
John Campbell DB2 for z/OS Optimizing Insert Performance - Part II (B07) Details
John Maenpaa DB2 Attachment Facilities (A12) Details
John Maenpaa Package Versioning for High Availability (B10) Details
John Mallonee Wake Up to Hibernate (E09) Details
Judy Ruby-Brown DB2 DBM1 Virtual Storage: How to use MEMU2 (B12) Details
Linda Claussen DB2 9 for z/OS Migration Planning Survival Guide (G14) Details
Mark Wilkinson How a Performance Database Can Help Save the Day! (F13) Details
Namik Hrle Introducing IBM Smart Analytics Optimizer - DB2 Performance Revolution (A14) Details
Paul Pendle A practical guide to storage tiering with DB2 for z/OS (G13) Details
Paul Walters Static SQL and Access Path Review - Tips and Tricks (E05) Details
Phil Grainger An A to Z of DB2 for z/OS Backup and Recovery (B05) Details
Phil Grainger DB2 9 for z/OS: What's New Since GA? (B03) Details
Randy Ebersole A Day in the life of a DB2 for z/OS Page (B11) Details
Rob Crane, II Hell’s Kitchen; DB2 9, A DBA’s Recipe for Success (B01) Details
Robert Catterall Mainframe DB2 Data Warehousing 2010 (B04) Details
Robert Goodman Solving Warehouse Source Data Issues Using DB2 on z/OS (A05) Details
Roger Miller DB2 10 for z/OS DBA Improvements (A01) Details
Sooraj Ali Spatial Data Management on DB2 for z/OS; Customer Experiences at John Deere (A02) Details
steen rasmussen RTS is your friend - Optimize DB2 housekeeping. (E10) Details
steen rasmussen Do you really want NOT to LOG ? (A09) Details
Suresh Sane Real-world strategies for managing undesirable access paths (A15) Details
Suresh Sane Ask not what the Optimizer can do for you? ask what you can do for the Optimizer! (A11) Details
Susan Lawson Table and Index Design Strategies: Looking Forward to DB2 9 (A04) Details
Terry Purcell Why did the Optimizer choose that Access Path? (A10) Details
Terry Purcell What's new from the optimizer in DB2 10 for z/OS? (B02) Details
Test Admin Auditing options on DB2 for z./OS (B15) Details
Test Admin DB2 and System z Synergy (A06) Details
Thomas Baumann Auditor's Guide to DB2 (E02) Details
Ulf Heinrich DB2 9 Package Stability: Migration, System and Daily Database Maintenance (G07) Details