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IDUG DB2 Tech Conference Presentation Archive

Below are links to download IDUG DB2 Tech Conference Presentations. NOTE: These are only open to members of IDUG. If you are not a member, please CLICK HERE for more information.

Alexander Kopac Diagnosing & Curing? Lock, Wait and Performance Bottlenecks (E14) Details
Alexander Kopac DB2 LUW Design Advisor - db2advis ? Miracle-Worker or Monster-In-Law (D13) Details
Bernie O'Connor Enabling Oracle Applications on DB2 - an Early User Experience (C03) Details
Bill Minor DB2 LUW LOBs - Past, Present and Future (C14) Details
Bill Minor CAPITALIZING On DB2 LUW V9.7 Capabilities - A Data Management Feature Presentation (D01) Details
Bob Harbus A VIsual Tour of DB2 9.7 SQL and PL SQL Enhancements (D04) Details
Brad Price The Caveman Chronicles: How We Took our DB Performance from Ice Age to New Age!! (C11) Details
Brad Price Understanding Your DBA?? It Can Be Done!! (F04) Details
Bryan Smith Data Studio and Optim Administration Tooling for DB2 for LUW DBAs (E12) Details
Burt Vialpando DB2 9.7 LUW Newest Online Schema Change Capabilities (F08) Details
Calisto Zuzarte Best Practices for Query Performance In a Data Warehouse (D09) Details
Calisto Zuzarte Diagnosing and Improving Query Performance through EXPLAIN plan analysis (D03) Details
Chris Eaton Enabling from Oracle to DB2 Cobra the Easy Way. (D11) Details
Chris Eaton Defend your Turf - DB2 Technical Advantages over Oracle (C02) Details
Dale McInnis DB2 High Availability Features and Directions (D15) Details
Dale McInnis DB2 Back and Recovery - What Do I Really Need to Know? (F12) Details
Jim Wankowski DB2 for the Oracle DBA (E04) Details
Kevin Beck WLM Best Practices (C13) Details
Leon Katsnelson DB2 in the Cloud: The hottest topic for 2010 (E06) Details
Matt Huras An Insider's Look at the DB2 V9.7 (C06) Details
Matt Huras An Indepth Technical Look at DB2 pureScale (C05) Details
Melanie Stopfer Upgrading DB2 9.7 - Best Practices and Lessons Learned (D07) Details
Melanie Stopfer Stuffed with Great Enhancements - DB2 9.7 Fix Pack 1 New Features (D08) Details
Michael Winer Locking - What Locking? Currently Committed and other Lock Avoidance enhancements to Increase Performance and Throughput (D10) Details
Michael Winer Partitioned Tables: Significant Enhancements in DB2 9.7 (and beyond) (D05) Details
Pak Kwan Where my request spending time? --- First taste DB2 9.7 Time Spent metrics (C04) Details
Paul Turpin Unlocking the Mysteries of the DB2 Log (C12) Details
Paul Zikopoulos pureScale - Why It's So Much Better than Oracle RAC (C09) Details
Pete Suhner DB2 LUW and Oracle Environment Standardisation (CA-IDUG Award 2009) (C07) Details
Philip Nelson Exploiting DB2 9.7 Monitoring and WLM Functionality (C10) Details
Philip Nelson Moving to DB2 9.7 : User Experiences (G08) Details
Randy Goering Solving the DB2 Database Administration Dilemma (D12) Details
Rebecca Bond DB2 Security - Ammo From the Trenches (D06) Details
Robert Donaldson High Performance Free Form Text Searching in DB2: Text Search vrs NSE 9.7 (D14) Details
Robert Donaldson DB2 Compression and performance impact (G11) Details
Samir Kapoor Scaling Enterprise Data in the Cloud (E07) Details
Scott Hayes DB2 LUW Index Design and Best Practices (C08) Details
Serge Rielau Shifting Shapes: Transforming the Way You Evolve Your DB Schema (Y06) Details
Sigen Chen DB2 Administration for Better Performance and Low Cost (F15) Details
Test Admin Introduction to Smart Analytics for DB2 & Power Systems (G02) Details
Walid Rjaibi DB2 9.7: The Latest And Greatest in Database Security (G15) Details