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IDUG DB2 Tech Conference Presentation Archive

Below are links to download IDUG DB2 Tech Conference Presentations. NOTE: These are only open to members of IDUG. If you are not a member, please CLICK HERE for more information.

Alexander Kopac Bad Codes, Bad Codes, Whatcha Gonna Do For DB2 LUW (G11) Details
Berni Schiefer Lab vs. Customer Views on DB2 Data Warehousing (I06) Details
Berni Schiefer Successful Data warehousing on Linux (H09) Details
Bill Gallagher Disaster Recovery and DB2 UDB for AIX: A User Experience (D10) Details
Brandon Holman Federated Databases make sense at T-mobile (I04) Details
Brian Holroyd Maximizing Performance for PeopleSoft on DB2 UDB LUW (H07) Details
Chris Eaton DB2 UDB for Linux, UNIX, Windows for a z/OS DBA (A12) Details
Chris Eaton Defend your Turf! Technical advantages over Oracle (D01) Details
Dan Alion DB2 UDB Triggers: Coding for Performance (G05) Details
Daniel Luksetich Taking Advantage of DB2 UDB V8 Table Expressions (F06) Details
Darryl Priest Using Perl and DBI/DBD with Informix Databases (L13) Details
David Owen XML enhanced support in DB2 UDB (H12) Details
Fred Sobotka Enterprise DB2 UDB Monitoring On The Cheap (D07) Details
Haider Rizvi DB2 UDB Performance Tuning Fundamentals (A11) Details
Henrik Loeser SQL/XML in Viper: The snake's venom (E11) Details
James Edmiston How to Configure Informix Connect and ODBC (L07) Details
Martin Hubel Experiences with the Design Advisor (D04) Details
Matt Huras DB2 UDB Internals : The Deep Dive - Part 1 of 2 (J01) Details
Matt Huras DB2 UDB Internals : The Deep Dive - Part 2 of 2 (J02) Details
Paul Turpin Preparing For The Audit (D09) Details
Paul Zikopoulos DB2 UDB Application Development in a Windows World (F09) Details
Paul Zikopoulos Getting Up to Speed on DB2 UDB - What's New Since V8.2 (E01) Details
Philip Gunning SQL Coding Best Practices for Developers (G02) Details
Philip Nelson DB2 UDB for LUW V8 : Monitoring and Tuning Primer (D02) Details
Rav Ahuja Put RAC on ICE with DB2 UDB and Linux Clusters (H13) Details
Roger Sanders Understanding Isolation Levels and Locking (D03) Details
Roy Jacques Generating XML from IDS 9.x (L05) Details
Scott Hayes 7 Years of DB2 UDB Performance Solutions: Life lessons (E03) Details
Steve Rees Advanced Performance Diagnostics in DB2 UDB for LUW v8.2 (E12) Details
Steve Rees Zen and the Art of Database Performance (A06) Details
Test Admin MDC Performance - Customer Examples & Experiences (E10) Details
Test Admin DB2 WebSphere Performance Diagnostics - HOWTO (E13) Details
Test Admin Using EGL's Enhanced Reporting Capabilities (L10) Details
Test Admin intra.and Inter: Best practice to parallel DB2 UDB (D05) Details
Test Admin Accessing Informix from .Net (L09) Details
Test Admin What's New in JAVA for Informix Application Developers (L06) Details
Test Admin Table Reorgs that ROCK! (D06) Details
Test Admin DB2 Universal Driver- a higher form of performance (E05) Details
Test Admin Informix Stored Procedures (L02) Details
Test Admin Range partitioning in DB2 UDB (E02) Details
Test Admin DB2 Warehousing Design Best Practices (H02) Details
Test Admin Informix SQL Performance Tuning - An Introduction (L03) Details
Test Admin The DB2 Framework for Busines Intelligence (H01) Details
Test Admin Application Development with EGL and RAD (L04) Details
Test Admin DB2 UDB Best Practices (E04) Details
Thomas Horner DB2 UDB Monitoring with Scripts (D11) Details