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IDUG DB2 Tech Conference Presentation Archive

Below are links to download IDUG DB2 Tech Conference Presentations. NOTE: These are only open to members of IDUG. If you are not a member, please CLICK HERE for more information.

Akiko Hoshikawa How To Serve 1.3 Billion Customers? - B12 Details
Akiko Hoshikawa Deep dive into RELEASE(DEALLOCATE) and KEEPDYNAMIC(YES) - A01 Details
Bonnie Baker SQL Update - Bonnie's take on the new SQL in V8/9/10 - Part 2 - A06 Details
Bonnie Baker SQL Update - Bonnie's take on the new SQL in V8/9/10 - Part 1 - A05 Details
Chris Crone Overview of SQL Enhancements in IBM DB2 9 and 10 - G02 Details
Craig Mullins DB2 10: For Developer's Only! - E07 Details
Craig Mullins Ten Breakthroughs That Changed DB2 Forever - G01 Details
Cuneyt Goksu Practical Recipes for Daily DBA Activities using DB2 9 and 10 for z/OS - A11 Details
Daniel Luksetich Taking Advantage of DB2’s Advanced SQL Features - E14 Details
Davy Goethals All You Ever Wanted To Know About DB2 and DFSORT - B10 Details
Donna Di Carlo DB2 10 Hash Access: Access Path or Collision Course? - B06 Details
Fain Butt Mobile GPS enabled application running against DB2 for z/OS - A customer case study - F13 Details
Guogen Zhang Revolution in DB2 Performance: IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator - F10 Details
Haakon Roberts DB2 for z/OS Utilities Update - B07 Details
Jeff Josten DB2 10 for z/OS and Beyond - A09 Details
Jeffrey Berger Optimizing I/O Performance and Reducing Need for REORG - B04 Details
Jeffrey Berger Deep Dive Into LOBs Using DB2 10 for z/OS - B05 Details
John Campbell DB2 10 for z/OS Experiences at Danske Bank - A07 Details
John Iczkovits ATS (Advanced Technical Skills) DB2 Health Check - what will the specialist prescribe for you? - B02 Details
John Tobler Looking Behind The Curtain of IBM DB2 for z/OS 10: Scalability Metrics and Storage Analysis - B11 Details
Joseph Burns Writing SQL - Techniques for common challenges - E15 Details
Linda Claussen DB2 V10: If You Don’t Like It ALTER It - B09 Details
Lloyd Matthews Tuning SQL at US Senate using Info Optim Query Workload Tuner - B14 Details
Lori Ann Galluzzo Hit the Ground Running with DB2 10 Features! - A03 Details
Marc Costa The Natives are getting Restless, an overview of DB2 Store Procedures - B13 Details
Paolo Bruni DB2 10 for z/OS Distributed Functions Performance Topics - B16 Details
Paul Murray Went to tune an application and ended up tuning the subsystem, space and stored procedures - G13 Details
Paul Pendle Thin or virtual - implementing new storage paradigms - F07 Details
Paul Schulz DB2 PureXML - A DBA's Perspective - A02 Details
Phil Grainger Temporal Data in DB2 10 - "When did you want to ask that question?" - B08 Details
Phil Grainger Switching - What IS Access Path Stability? - G04 Details
Phil Grainger DB2 10 Overview - G10 Details
Randy Ebersole DB2 for z/OS Buffer Pool Tuning Basics - A10 Details
Randy Ebersole DB2 Accounting 101 - Performance Details for the Application Developer - E12 Details
Rebecca Poole DB2 10 for z/OS Temporal Capabilities - First in the Industry - A04 Details
Rob Crane, II Java Grinder for DBAs. Learn how to brew a good cup - B15 Details
Robert Goodman Ten Principles of Highly Effective DBAs - G03 Details
Scott Jessee The Agile DBA - G14 Details
Sheryl Larsen Efficiently Finding & Fixing High Resource Consuming SQL - E02 Details
Steen Rasmussen Schema Management – a lot of changes eliminating the DBA nightmare of U-D-C-L. - G06 Details
Suresh Sane The perfect access path? Evolution of the DB2 Optimizer - E04 Details
Suresh Sane DB2 10 Application topics – A customer experience - E13 Details
Susan Lawson DB2 10 for z/OS Performance Opportunities - A12 Details
Terry Purcell DB2 10 for z/OS Query Optimization Update - A08 Details
Terry Purcell DB2 for z/OS Migration – Query Performance Considerations - B03 Details
Thanikachalam "Billy" Sundarrajan De-mystifing JDBC Universal Drivers - for the z/OS DBA - B01 Details
Thomas Baumann I need the test data now! - G11 Details
Tony Andrews Advanced Query Tuning with IBM Data Studio for Developers - E11 Details
Troy Coleman Who’s going to manage my mainframe? - Singing the praises of Chorus - F01 Details
William Favero DB2 for z/OS Universal Table Spaces: The Latest DB2 10 Story - E10 Details