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IDUG DB2 Tech Conference Presentation Archive

Below are links to download IDUG DB2 Tech Conference Presentations. NOTE: These are only open to members of IDUG. If you are not a member, please CLICK HERE for more information.

Albert Grankin Protect Your Ship From Storms. Best Practices on Configuring DB2 for Web Driven OLTP Workloads.- D02 Details
Austin Clifford VLDB – An Analysis of DB2 at Very Large Scale - D13 Details
Bernie O'Connor DB2 pureScale: Anixter's Early User Experiences - C15 Details
Bill Minor Advanced Recovery Solutions for DB2 LUW - C08 Details
Brad Price Virtual Reality: Virtual Indexes That Aren't and Real Cardinality on Explains - D08 Details
Burt Vialpando Oracle to DB2 Migration Experience and Lessons Learned from Canadian Blood Services - C14 Details
Calisto Zuzarte Deep Dive into Query Performance Optimization: Complex query optimization + multi-core parallelism - H12 Details
Calisto Zuzarte Deep Dive into Query Performance Optimization: Zigzag Join , Jump Scan - H13 Details
Dale McInnis HADR Update: Multiple Stand-by (DB2 10 for Linux, Unix, Windows) - H08 Details
Dale McInnis IBM DB2 HADR 2011 state of the union - C06 Details
Dale McInnis DB2 Backups - are they really required anymore? - D04 Details
David Dahlenburg Stop the growth of very large table and make ZERO application changes - C07 Details
David Kalmuk New Ways to Tame your Database with DB2 Workload Management - H15 Details
David Kalmuk Understanding the DB2 Process Model Architecture in Warehouse and PureScale Environments - C13 Details
Eberhard Hechler Integrated DB2-powered InfoSphere Warehouse and MDM System - F15 Details
Frank Fillmore, Jr. Zero Outage Oracle to DB2 Migrations - G09 Details
Frank Petersen Long distance call using pureScale - Early experiences - D11 Details
Guogen Zhang IDAA: A DB2 Insider Story for Users - F14 Details
James Cho Purescale Analytics Technical update and Roadmap - F11 Details
Jim Seeger Deep Dive into Multi-Temperature Data Management: Best Practices for Implementing MDTM - H02 Details
John Hornibrook Oracle Compatibility Update for DB2 10 for Linux, Unix, Windows - H03 Details
John Hornibrook Deep Dive into DB2 10 Query Performance Optimization: Statistics and Optimization Profiles - H14 Details
Kelly Schlamb Demystifying Logging & Recovery in DB2 LUW - C10 Details
Kelly Schlamb Automatic Storage & Multi-Temperature Data Management -- Making DB2 Storage Management Easier With Each New Release - H05 Details
Kurt Bruhn How to use the DB2 Administrative Views to monitor your system - C01 Details
Lenin Thandapani The Efficient & Creative DBA - Everyday DBA Tasks Made Easy - LUW - C04 Details
Leon Katsnelson DB2 and Cloud Computing: Lessons Learned - F03 Details
Martin Hubel DB2 10 for LUW: Time Travel and Compression - H01 Details
Matt Huras Future and Internals for DBA - Part II - D06 Details
Matt Huras Future and Internals for DBA - Part I - D05 Details
Matthias Nicola Deep Dive into Time Travel Query: First Steps using Temporal Tables - H09 Details
Matthias Nicola Deep Dive into Time Travel Query: Best Practices for Implementing Temporal Tables while reusing existing applications - H10 Details
Melanie Stopfer DB2 LUW Advanced Utilities and Problem Determination Tips and Tricks - C03 Details
Melanie Stopfer Using Optimizer Profiles to Control Access Plans - C11 Details
Michael Krafick Ten Minute Triage - D09 Details
Paul Bird WLM Best Practices 2.0: Exploring the New Best Practices - C02 Details
Paul Turpin What Is Happening in My Package Cache? - D12 Details
Philip Gunning Tuning Tips for DB2 LUW in an OLTP Environment - D01 Details
Prashant Sogarwal Journey from traditional Data Marts to 24x7 Dynamic Warehousing on IBM Smart Analytics System 7700 - F09 Details
Rifat Aras Integrating DB2 Spatial Extender with HTML5 Technologies for Rich Internet Applications - F02 Details
Roger Sanders Everything You've Always Wanted To Know About Database Cloning (But Were Afraid To Ask) - C12 Details
Samir Kapoor Analyzing Access Plans to Diagnose Performance Problems - D07 Details
Scott Hayes Customer Success Story: How a Top Retailer achieves 250,000 SQL/Sec on Black Friday - D10 Details
Scott Hayes Celebrating 20 Years of DB2 for LUW: DB2's Greatest Hits, Tips, and Best Practices - D03 Details
Sigen Chen DB2 Compression - A Complete Test Against a Warehouse Database System - C05 Details
Steve Rees Just the FAQs, part III - More DB2 LUW Performance Gems - D14 Details
Steve Rees pureScale: Best Practices for Performance and Monitoring - H04 Details
Thomas Fanghaenel Deep Dive into Storage Optimization: When and How to use Adaptive Compression - H06 Details
Tirupati Balaga Java makes it easy: A smarter way to monitor databases - E05 Details
Vijay Sitaram DB2 LUW Advancements in Monitoring – From Paper-Weight CRT to Paper-Thin LED Monitors! - D15 Details
Walid Rjaibi An IBM DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows Security Primer - C09 Details
Walid Rjaibi Deep Dive into Row and Column Access Control: How to Define and Implement Security Policies - H11 Details
Walter Alvey Real-time Data Warehousing Best Practices: Using Ingest Utility - H07 Details