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IDUG DB2 Tech Conference Presentation Archive

Below are links to download IDUG DB2 Tech Conference Presentations. NOTE: These are only open to members of IDUG. If you are not a member, please CLICK HERE for more information.

Aamer Sachedina H12 - DB2 pureScale: The Latest from the IBM Labs Details
Aamer Sachedina D05 - BNSF Railway: Details and Best Practices from a DB2 pureScale Implementation Details
Austin Clifford F01 - Offically Amazing - DB2 10 powers the world's largest data warehouse Details
Bill Minor D04 - Strengthen Your Business Continuity Strategy with DB2 LUW Advanced Recovery Tooling Details
Brad Price D12 - An Index's Guide to the Universe Details
Brent Gross H11 - Best Practices for High Availability with DB2 Connect Details
Brian Fairchild C11 - A DB2 LUW Fitness Plan Details
Calisto Zuzarte D11 - Dealing With Complex Warehouse Query Performance Details
Chris Eaton D07 - IBM PureData Systems vs. Oracle Exadata - Technical Facts Details
Dale McInnis D09 - Practical options and trade-offs for database availability Details
Dale McInnis D03 - DB2 Business Continuity Features Details
Dan Kowal D08 - Infosphere Change Data Capture (iCDC) in a Heterogeneous Database Environment Details
David Bachrach D10 - DB2 WLM - Understanding, Implementing and Monitoring Details
Ember Crooks C08 - The 10 Commandments of Supporting E-Commerce Databases Details
James Cho F09 - PureData for Operational Analytics Technical Update and Roadmap Details
James Cho D01 - IBM PureData System for Operational Analytics: High-performance data system for operational analytics Details
James Cho G05 - PureData System for Transactions Overview - A new dynamic data system for demanding transactions Details
Jeyabarathi Chakrapani D02 - The evolution of the DB2 High Availability and Disaster Recovery tool Details
Jon Lind F14 - Big Data and Operational Data Warehousing: taking Analytics to the Next level Details
Leo Pedron D06 - Table Monitors Who, What, When, Where, Why, How Details
Leon Katsnelson C06 - DB2 on the Cloud: Experiences from the trenches Details
Leon Katsnelson F15 - Connecting DB2 to big data (hadoop) Details
Les King C01 - DB2 10.5 with BLU Acceleration ... a real life example of the value of BLU Acceleration Details
Mario Briggs F13 - Understanding the DB2 10.1 NoSQL Graph Store and SPARQL processing inside-out Details
Martin Hubel E11 - Tuning SAP with DB2 for LUW Details
Matt Huras C13 - DB2 pureScale High Availability Internals and Customer Experiences Details
Matthias Nicola C12 - Migrating existing Temporal Applications to DB2 Time Travel Details
Melanie Stopfer C10 - Wowza! Great Tips I’ve Learned about DB2 LUW 10 Details
Melanie Stopfer H04 - Best Practices: Upgrade to DB2 LUW 10 Details
Michael Kwok C14 - How to Maximize Performance Benefits from DB2 10.1 and an Introduction to DB2 10.5 BLU acceleration Details
Paul Turpin H03 - Prospecting for Gold Nuggets in DB2 10.1 Details
Peter Plachta F03 - Extreme scaling with DB2 pureScale and DB2 compression Details
Phil DeMonaco C07 - Absolute Availability: SAP ERP on DB2 pureScale Details
Philip Gunning E07 - Battle-Proven SQL Tuning Techniques Details
Philip Nelson G04 - DB2 to the Cloud : A Case Study Details
Rebecca Bond C02 - DB2 10 LUW – Securely Hiding Behind the Mask Details
Roy Cecil E15 - How SELECT & UPDATE works - A beginers guide to DB2 internals !! Details
Satsumi Takeo C04 - Best Practices and Lessons Learned : How to make DB2 pureScale work in a high-demand mission critical system environment !!! Details
Scott Hayes C09 - Index Jump Scans and Updated Rules for Optimal DB2 LUW Index Design Details
Serge Rielau E04 - DB2 9.7.1 to  DB2 10: An over view of SQL enhancements Details
Steve Rosenberger C03 - Implementing and maintaining a D/R site for you data warehouse Details
Susan Sterling C05 - Highlight Zone-MetLife DB2 LUW-Tooling Time Details
Tony Andrews E01 - DB2 LUW Advanced Query Tuning with IBM Data Studio for Developers Details
Walid Rjaibi C15 - Data Masking: Protecting Both Production and Test Environments Details