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IDUG DB2 Tech Conference Presentation Archive

Below are links to download IDUG DB2 Tech Conference Presentations. NOTE: These are only open to members of IDUG. If you are not a member, please CLICK HERE for more information.

Dale McInnis [D11] DB2 Recovery - what is inside this magic box Details
Dale McInnis [C14] DB2 HADR Multiple Standby deep dive Details
David Kalmuk [C06] Optimizing your Database for Analytic Workloads using BLU Acceleration in DB2 10.5 Details
David Kalmuk [D17] Tame your Database with New Workload Management Features in DB2 10 Details
Frank McEwen [D05] Using DB2 for LUW SQL PL to make it faster, better, cheaper and simpler! Details
Kris Van Thillo [D07] LUW's hidden treasures - Administrative views and routines Details
Leo Pedron [D12] Table Monitors - Who, What, When, Where, Why and How Details
Mark Gillis [D16] RCAC: ‘Where’s my data gone?’ and ‘Why are my queries running so slowly?’ Details
Martin Hubel [C13] DB2 10.5 for LUW Index Improvements Details
Martin Hubel [C15] Effective DB2 for LUW Memory Management Details
Matt Huras [C01] DB2 10.5 (including BLU Acceleration) : An Inside Look Details
Matt Huras [D10] DB2 pureScale Best Practices from Customer Experiences Details
Matthias Nicola [C05] DB2 with BLU Acceleration - live! Details
Matthias Nicola [C11] Migrating existing Temporal Applications to DB2 Time Travel Details
Melanie Stopfer [C12] Wowza!  Great Tips I’ve Learned about DB2 LUW 10 Details
Melanie Stopfer [C10] Using Row and Column Access Controls (RCAC) with DB2 10.1 Details
Michael Tiefenbacher SQL Monitoring with DB2 Onboard Tools - A Comparison Details
Ole Holmskov Top N features of DB2 10 in the field Details
Philip Carrington [C03] Boss,I [re]-shrunk the database!Moving Standard Row Compression to Adaptive Compression Details
Philip Nelson [D03] Beyond pureXML : DB2 in a JSON world Details
Philip Nelson [C09] DB2 10 for LUW : pureXML Deep Dive Details
Quentin Presley [D09] What in the world is a page! An introduction to the life of a DB2 page. Details
Quentin Presley [D08] Now What: So you've loaded up on fast storage, what do you do with it. Details
Robert Harbus [C04] DB2 10.5 SQL Enhancements! What's new and exciting in DB2 SQL these days? Details
Robert Harbus [C16] DB2 and NoSQL - The end of relational? Details
Roland Schock [C17] Now I have DB2 AESE, what can I do with OPM, OQWT, OCM and CDI? Details
Samir Kapoor [C08] Analyzing Access Plans to Diagnose Performance Problems Details
Scott Hayes [D04] Index Jump Scans and Updated Rules for Optimal DB2 LUW Index Design Details
Steve Rees [D13] DB2 LUW Performance FAQs, volume 4: Demystifying more Mysteries! Details
Steve Rees [C07] A Primer on DB2 pureScale Clustering - GPFS, TSA and RSCT for the Curious DBA Details
Steve Rees [D06] Deep Dive Performance Analysis with Optim Performance Manager v5 Details
Thomas Kalb [D15] Storage for DB2 Servers Details