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IDUG DB2 Tech Conference Presentation Archive

Below are links to download IDUG DB2 Tech Conference Presentations. NOTE: These are only open to members of IDUG. If you are not a member, please CLICK HERE for more information.

Adam Storm D12 - Top 5 cool tricks with DB2 LUW Details
Adam Storm F09 - Getting the most out of DB2's BLU Acceleration: How to populate columnar tables easily and efficiently! Details
Chris Eaton C01 - BLU Acceleration Customer Case Studies Details
Chris Eaton F07 - DB2 BLU Acceleration vs. Other Columnar Databases Details
Dale McInnis C12 - Continuous Availability with DB2 Details
Dale McInnis C14 - High availability disaster recovery and performance – a marriage made in heaven Details
Daniel Zilio D07 - Best practices for performance monitoring and tuning for IBM DB2 LUW Details
Daniel Zilio F13 - Best practices for a successful adoption of DB2 LUW 10.5 with BLU Acceleration Details
Ember Crooks D10 - High Availability Two Step: HADR and Power-HA(HACMP) Details
Guy Lohman F02 - Behind the Curtain: How BLU Acceleration Achieves Great Performance Details
James Cho F12 - Expereince PureData : Meeting big data challenges with simplicity, speed and lower cost in your Private Cloud Details
Joe Geller F15 - Columnar Stores - DB2 10.5 BLU and Other Methods Details
Kelly Schlamb G05 - A DB2 DBA’s Guide to pureScale Details
Kevin Hong D04 - PMRS and more Details
Kshitij Kohli C07 - Nifty Performance Tricks: Essentials for Success. Details
Leo Pedron G04 - Things I Know That You Probably Should Too! Details
Leon Katsnelson C04 - Data Warehouse for Everyone Details
Martin Hubel G12 - Effective DB2 for LUW Memory Management Details
Matt Huras D01 - DB2 Internals for Administrators : Updated for Latest Release - Part 1 Details
Melanie Stopfer C05 - Best Practices Upgrade to DB2 10.5 with BLU Acceleration Details
Melanie Stopfer D11 - Using Row and Column Access Controls (RCAC) with DB2 10.5 Details
Michael Krafick D05 - Attack of the Blob! (Managing BLOBs within a DB2 database) Details
Michael Kwok D03 - Optimizing your Database for Analytic Workloads using BLU Acceleration in DB2 10.5 Details
Mike Faltys G09 - Monetary Cost of SQL Details
Paavo Tukia C09 - Find the treasures of DB2 monitor data with deltas Details
Paul Bird C15 - Piercing the Middleware Curtain of Anonymity Details
Paul Turpin C13 - What are you waiting for? Details
Pavan Kristipati C10 - DB2 DPF Successes: Monitoring and Tuning a hybrid IBM Infosphere Warehouse Details
Philip Nelson E15 - Beyond pureXML : DB2 in a JSON world Details
Philip Nelson C06 - What ELSE Is In vNext for LUW Details
Randall Ibbott G03 - Getting Black and Blue with Blu - Leveraging DB2 on Commodity Hardware Details
Roger Sanders C02 - Using the Multi-Temperature Data Feature with Fully Automated Storage Tiering Details
Scott Hayes D06 - Sage Advice: 20 Invaluable DB2 LUW Performance Insights from Around the Globe Details
Sigen Chen D09 - What's Helped To Manage 80+ DB2 Servers Single Handed? Details
Steve Rees C11 - DB2 LUW Performance FAQs, volume 4: Demystifying more Mysteries! Details
Tony Andrews E01 - SQL Review and Query Tuning for DB2 LUW Developers Details
Vijay Sitaram C03 - Medtronic's Experience with SAP running on DB2 Details
Walid Rjaibi D08 - Safeguarding Your Database Traffic Details