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IDUG DB2 Tech Conference Presentation Archive

Below are links to download IDUG DB2 Tech Conference Presentations. NOTE: These are only open to members of IDUG. If you are not a member, please CLICK HERE for more information.

Aamer Sachedina DB2 pureScale - Active/Active High Availability is here! (C04) Details
Chris Eaton DB2 exploitation on IBM Power Systems (C17) Details
Chris Eaton Defend your Turf - DB2 Technical Advantages over Oracle (D10) Details
Chris Eaton DB2 Compression - More than Just Storage Savings (D07) Details
Curt Cotner Managing DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows (F15) Details
David Kalmuk Eliminating Key Performance Bottlenecks in DB2 9.7 (C12) Details
David Kalmuk Advanced performance diagnostics for SQL in DB2 9.7 (C14) Details
Ian Bjorhovde D04 - The 5 Ws of DB2 Database Encryption Details
Jessica Rockwood Experiences with DB2 pureScale (C06) Details
John Hornibrook DB2 for LUW Best Practices: Writing and Tuning Queries for Optimal Performance (C10) Details
John Hornibrook Don't flip out! How to stop your query access plans from flopping (C13) Details
Leo Pedron I can explain that! (D12) Details
Martin Hubel Improving Access Paths Through Proper Index Design (DB2 for LUW) (D13) Details
Martin Hubel Managing DB2 With The New Administrative Views and Functions (D06) Details
Matt Huras The Latest from the Lab on DB2 pureScale (C05) Details
Matt Huras DB2 for LUW Internals IN-DEPTH (Part 2) (C02) Details
Matt Huras DB2 for LUW Internals IN-DEPTH (Part 1) (C01) Details
Matthias Nicola 10 Things Every DBA Should Know About DB2 pureXML (E06) Details
Melanie Stopfer Stuffed with Great Enhancements - New Features of DB2 9.7 Fix Packs (C07) Details
Michael Winer Partitioned Tables: Significant Enhancements in DB2 9.7 (and beyond) (C16) Details
Michael Winer Locking - What Locking? DB2 9.7 Currently Committed and other Lock Avoidance Enhancements to Increase Performance and Throughput (C11) Details
Paul Bird Capturing Outlaw Queries With WLM (D15) Details
Pete Suhner DB2 and Oracle Infrastructure Standardization (CA-IDUG Award 2009) (D09) Details
Scott Hayes DB2 LUW Index Design, Best Practices, and Case Studies (D14) Details
Serge Rielau versus - Using the right tool for job (C15) Details
Serge Rielau A Tour of DB2 9.7 SQL and PL SQL Enhancements (C03) Details
Steve Rees The Latest in Advanced Performance Diagnostics for DB2 (Part 1) (C08) Details
Steve Rees DB2 LUW Performance - You've got (frequently asked) questions, we've got answers! (D11) Details
Steve Rees The Latest in Advanced Performance Diagnostics for DB2 (Part 2) (C09) Details