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IDUG DB2 Tech Conference Presentation Archive

Below are links to download IDUG DB2 Tech Conference Presentations. NOTE: These are only open to members of IDUG. If you are not a member, please CLICK HERE for more information.

Brent Gross .NET application development and manageability in DB2 (G01) Details
Chris Eaton New to DB2 LUW, but for Experienced DBAs (E02) Details
Craig Mullins DB2 9 for Developers Only (G07) Details
Curt Cotner Optimizing Your WebSphere Applications Using Data Studio (H09) Details
Curt Cotner Data Studio Strategy and Vision (H02) Details
David Beulke Java DB2 Performance with Data Studio and pureQuery (H13) Details
Deb Jenson Data Studio is the 'Easy Button' to Manage your Databases (I12) Details
Greg Lackey Top Ten Lessons Learned from Data Privacy Implementations (G14) Details
John Maenpaa Good Nulls, Bad Nulls (H05) Details
John Mallonee Java and DB2 for Dummies (H03) Details
Jorg Lueke DB2 on Rails 2.1 - Building a Peformance Application from the Ground Up (G02) Details
Kurt Bruhn Lessons Learned while building a database using PureXML (H11) Details
Leon Katsnelson Ruby on Rails: from zero to a working web application in 1 hour (G06) Details
Matt Huras An Insider's Look at the Next Release of DB2 : New Kernel Features (D13) Details
Melanie Stopfer Upgrading to DB2 9.5 - Best Practices (E09) Details
Paul Pendle Disk storage X-files. The Truth is Out There. (F01) Details
Paul Zikopoulos DB2 and the Microsoft Information Worker (Office) (H14) Details
Paul Zikopoulos IBM Data Studio: The Toolset of the Future...Here Today (E05) Details
Pete Suhner DB2 Heterogeneous Replication Quickie (Part 2 of 2) (F07) Details
Sally Mir Ooooooey GUI! (Or, Take a Break From the Greenscreen) (G13) Details
Scott Hayes Identify, Isolate, Cure, and Verify DB2 LUW Performance Issues in 15 Minutes! (E15) Details
Test Admin Java Data Access Applications You Can Trust - Easy Static SQL Deployment with pureQuery (H07) Details
Test Admin How IBM solidDB Complements DB2 to Accelerate Performance-Critical Data Up to 10 Times (E08) Details
Test Admin Anatomy of a Database Attack (G04) Details