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IDUG DB2 Tech Conference Presentation Archive

Below are links to download IDUG DB2 Tech Conference Presentations. NOTE: These are only open to members of IDUG. If you are not a member, please CLICK HERE for more information.

Anthony Tichonoff Exploiting Multi Row INSERT - Points to Ponder (A07) Details
Berman Terry A fresh look at PERFM IFCIDs - Ones you want 24x7 (A05) Details
Bill Arledge Managing Dynamic Workloads with BMC's SQL Performance soluton (I14) Details
Bill Arledge Ins & Outs of DB2 Distributed Processing (H08) Details
Billy Sundarrajan Dynamic SQL in z/OS - Advances in DB2 v8/9 (G10) Details
Bonnie Baker DB2 EXPLAIN Explained (C14) Details
Bryan Paulsen DB2 9 for z/OS Volume Level Backup and Recovery Enhancements (A08) Details
Christian Michel Whats new in DB2 for z/OS Utilities (I01) Details
Craig Mullins Counting Down the Performance Top Forty (C13) Details
Cristian Molaro The next migration challenge: making LUW DBAs from DB2 for z/OS Administrators (D12) Details
Daniel Luksetich Quit Calling DB2 So Much! (Part 1 of 2) (C06) Details
Daniel Luksetich Quit Calling DB2 So Much! (Part 2 of 2) (C07) Details
David Simpson Physical Database Design for the 21st Century (B08) Details
Davy Goethals Connectivity to z/OS using DB2 Connect with Kerberos Authentication (I08) Details
Jeff Josten DB2 for z/OS High Availability & Performance vs. Oracle RAC (A03) Details
Jim Teng Physical Database Design for DB2 on z/OS (C04) Details
Joel Goldstein DB2 System Performance, Peeling the Onion (A06) Details
John Campbell DB2 9 for z/OS Migration Planning and Early Experiences (Part 1 of 2) (C10) Details
John Campbell DB2 9 for z/OS Migration Planning and Early Experiences (Part 2 of 2) (C11) Details
Joseph Burns Tuning SQL with Optimization Service Center (OSC) (C02) Details
Judy Ruby-Brown Lessons Learned from Data Sharing Health Checks (B07) Details
Ka-Chun Ng IBM DB2 REORG Utility: how to run it successfully in this 24/7 world (I15) Details
Karl King DB2 Encryption on z/OS plus a Real-life Success Story at Verizon Wireless (C08) Details
Ken McDonald Audit Your SOX off, and other uses of a DB2 Log Tool (I09) Details
Ken McDonald A Row's Life (B04) Details
Kenneth Ernstein The Other Great features of DB2 9: Text Search and Soundex (H12) Details
Konstantin Tadenev Unicode Implementations in DB2: Performance Study (A14) Details
Marichu Scanlon IBM Data Studio Developer and DB2 for z/OS - making this work! (I10) Details
Marichu Scanlon Create, Deploy and Debug DB2 9 for z/OS native SQL stored procedures using IBM Data Studio Developer (I06) Details
Maryela Weihrauch How to Setup Application Server to Access DB2 z/OS with High Availability (G15) Details
Namik Hrle Dynamic Statements Cache: Everything You Need To Know (B05) Details
Paul Walters Buffer Pool Tuning on 5 dollars a Day (B06) Details
Phil Grainger DB2 for z/OS Performance - An A to Z (A15) Details
Ram Kalavala Tips, tricks and Caveats on PARTITIONING (A13) Details
Randy Ebersole Focus ! Top DB2 for z/OS System Statistics to Manage (B10) Details
Rick Bowers DB2 z/OS Strategy and Direction (C01) Details
Robert Catterall DB2 for z/OS Data Warehouse Performance (C15) Details
Robert Goodman The Power & Pitfalls of Partitioning in V8 9 & Beyond (B01) Details
Roger Miller DB2 for z/OS Selected Performance Topics (A12) Details
Roger Miller What's New in DB2 9 for z/OS? (A04) Details
Scott Morrell Expediting SQL Development in ISPF-Cool Stuff We Did (A11) Details
Sheryl Larsen Performance Topics for DB2 Application Coders (G05) Details
steen rasmussen CA Database Analyzer - you can’t do that, can you ? (B09) Details
steen rasmussen To Log or Not to Log - please don’t dig yourself a too deep hole. (B03) Details
Suresh Sane DB2 Triggers - Implementation lessons learned (B12) Details
Suresh Sane V9 SQL for the Application Developer and DBA - Richer and Faster! (A10) Details
Svenn-Aage Soenderskov Premiere User Speaker Europe: Implementing Real Time Statistics for Utility Automation at JN Data (C05) Details
Terry Purcell DB2 z/OS Optimizer: What have you done for me lately? (B13) Details
Test Admin Get the Most out of SDSNSAMP - With the Least Amount of Trouble (C12) Details
Test Admin What do Clones do on Mother's Day? An Overview of the Strange New World of the Clone Table (H15) Details
Test Admin What About Structure? DB2 V9 Universal Table Spaces, Tables, Indexes Compression and Row Formats. (C09) Details
Thomas Baumann Access Path Stability for Dynamic Queries (B11) Details
William Favero Data and Index Compression (B15) Details