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IDUG DB2 Tech Conference Presentation Archive

Below are links to download IDUG DB2 Tech Conference Presentations. NOTE: These are only open to members of IDUG. If you are not a member, please CLICK HERE for more information.

Ariff Kassam Database Virtualization vs Database Clustering (I11) Details
Bill Minor DB2 LUW Storage Management: technology preview (E11) Details
Bill Minor The DB2 Detective - The Case of the Diligent DBA (E04) Details
Brad Price A Caveman's Perspective: Hunting down unused indexes and other db2pd features (D01) Details
Burt Vialpando DB2 9.5 LUW Autonomic Computing for the Oracle DBA (E01) Details
Chris Eaton Top Tips From The DB2 Experts BLOG (E07) Details
Dale McInnis DB2 DR - What is the Buzz All About (D08) Details
Dale McInnis DB2's Exploitation of Tivoli Storage Manager (D04) Details
Dan Tuck CSI for DB2 Database (F08) Details
Fred Sobotka Catching Bad Guys with DB2 - A Law Enforcement Case Study (H10) Details
George Baklarz Beyond DB2 Viper - Again! (E12) Details
Jerry Spence All Things Being SQL (G12) Details
Jim Wankowski Performance Automation in DB2 LUW (I04) Details
John Hornibrook Best practices for BI query performance (D14) Details
John Hornibrook DB2/LUW Best Practices Series: Writing and Tuning Queries for Optimal Performance (D11) Details
John Maenpaa Ruby on Rails Primer (G09) Details
Leon Katsnelson DB2 in the Cloud (E03) Details
Martin Hubel Effective DB2 for LUW Buffer Pool Strategies (E06) Details
Matthias Nicola What's new for DB2 pureXML? (D15) Details
Matthias Nicola Taming a Terabyte of XML Data (D07) Details
Melanie Stopfer DB2 LUW Recovery Enhancements - Routes to Happiness! (E14) Details
Michael Winer Even More Compression in DB2! (F14) Details
Michael Winer Technology Preview: DB2 Concurrency - Currently Committed and so much more! (F05) Details
Nadir Doctor Transition into Partitioned Databases & Tables - Cookbook for non-DPF DBA's (F09) Details
Paul Bird The Latest and Greatest on DB2 Workload Management (Part 2 of 2) (F11) Details
Paul Bird The Latest and Greatest on DB2 Workload Management (Part 1 of 2) (F10) Details
Paul Turpin Explain Fundamentals (D09) Details
Pete Suhner DB2 LUW Replication Quickie (Part 1 of 2) (F06) Details
Philip Nelson Experiences with DB2 Cubing Services (D10) Details
Philip Nelson Migrating from XML Extender to pureXML (F04) Details
Radhesh Kumar My Experiment with Automation (D02) Details
Raul Delhumeau Adventures in moving: Migrating legacy data to DB2 - Lessons learned (F03) Details
Ray Houle db2top Meets Admin Views! (D03) Details
Roger Sanders Best Practices for Deploying DB2 9.5 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows on Symmetrix DMX (I02) Details
Samir Kapoor Analysing Access Plans to Diagnose Performance Problems (F13) Details
Serge Rielau SQL PL, all grown up (H06) Details
Serge Rielau Enabling from Oracle to DB2 the Easy Way (F02) Details
Test Admin Protect Your Business Using the New DB2 9 for z/OS Security Features (C03) Details
Tom Glaser AT&T Finds a Triple Play for Solving DB2 Performance Problems (A02) Details
Vijay Sitaram Diet DB2 with Twist (D05) Details