#WINNING Every Day

Scott Hayes Scott Hayes, President & Founder, DBI Software

Tuesday, May 24th 

A tall skinny pimple faced teenager sells the most pizzas three years in a row for his Boy Scout Troop, becomes an Eagle Scout, a Fraternity Brother, Radio Shack’s top salesman, a COBOL/VSAM/DB2 developer, a DBA, an MVS Systems Programmer, a father, a Director for the #1 App Vendor to Higher Education, an IDUG speaker, a DB2 Consultant, a Small Business Entrepreneur, a US patented inventor, a millionaire, a serial Entrepreneur, virtually bankrupt, an regular IDUG volunteer and speaker, and a millionaire again – the kind that lives next door.

Forty years later, the pimple faced kid has a great complexion most days but is no longer skinny despite running half marathons.  Life has taught him much.  All of the things that he didn’t learn on life’s journey, his wife completed his education with daily advice on his imperfections augmented by regular beatings and honey-do chores.  Perfection is elusive, but he enjoys the pursuit of WINNING while eating generous portions of humble pie.

The world today is filled with chaos, violence, natural and unnatural disasters, economic turmoil, political differences, and intense competition from new places and forces unlike we’ve ever known in recent years. What is your strategy for surviving?  For thriving?  For winning?  I’d like to help you.  And I have three ideas for you.

About Scott:

Scott Hayes is President & Founder of DBI Software.   IDUG North America 2016 is the 28th North American Conference that Scott has attended.  Scott has been a regular speaker at IDUG since 1996, he’s a published author in DB2 Magazine & IBM Data Management Magazine, he writes the DB2 LUW Performance blogs at http://www.dbisoftware.com/blog/db2_performance.php, and he is the founder and host of The DB2Night Show™ Edutainment Webinar Series that has provided over 625,000 hours of free DB2 education to the DB2 community since 2009. He claims he’s not yet met a DB2 LUW database that he couldn’t help make run measurably faster in less than four hours, and this claim is backed by a $10,000 USD guarantee.  Scott has flown over 2.3 million miles on Delta Airlines and is a Marriott Platinum Lifetime member.  Since September 2010, Scott has finished over 21 half marathons around the USA, plus Dublin Ireland and Sydney Australia. Speed is in his DNA.