Urgent - Probs with Db2 Update anywhere replication

Adam Flinton

Urgent - Probs with Db2 Update anywhere replication
Dear All,

I have an URGENT problem.

I am trying to set up an update anywhere replication system to keep 2 db2
db'es in synch between 2 NTS boxes using RAS.

I can get the source to target working fine. No problems the data from the
source goes into the target OK (i.e. cold start & then apply foreign keys ,
views, triggers etc to target).

However at the target I do what? At the moment I have tried binding the
capture.lst and the applyur & apply cs.lst's & that was OK but when I start
capture at the target server it goes through & captures all the tables but
then as soon as it tries to start shoving the results into the CD tables I

1999-12-21-15:17:49 ASN0001E: The Capture program encountered an SQL error.
The routine name is exec_isr_cd(); the SQL request is EXECUTE INSERT TO CD;
the table name is "ADAM"."CD19991215808000"; the SQLCODE is -180; the

1999-12-21-15:17:53 SQL0180N The syntax of the string representation of a
datetime value is

incorrect. SQLSTATE=22007

I have rebuilt the DB'es so they are both the same in terms of territory
(GB) & Code pages & both NTS boxes are set to be English UK (i.e. the date
format should be dd/mm/yyyy for both.) As far as I can see there is one date
field & one Timestamp & the TS uses the SQL td (yyyy-mm-dd-time).

Please help fast as I really need to get this completed tonight.

BTW at what point do I start capture on the target so that I do not get a
full refresh going both ways?