Need full DB2 7.2 docs for Palm

Jeff Benner

Need full DB2 7.2 docs for Palm
It would be convenient to be able to download the DB2 docs, particularly SQL
Ref, Command Ref, and Message Refs to my Palm 505.

However the DB2 Everyplace webpages still do not have a full set of
Palm-friendly technical docs. They have a few docs for people wanting to use
Everyplace but it is not a full set of what we have available for all the
other products.

If you download the main DB2 docs as PDF files, and attempt to use the Adobe
Acrobat PDF for Palm converter, it fails to convert all the docs I have
tried so far.

I haven't tried the HTML version yet. Maybe that will work.

Anybody else try getting the main docs ( from Online Support at
w/report ) on their Palm (or other mobile device)?


Jeffrey Benner
UDB DB2 DBA Consultant for CareMark
(847) 444-6949