How to set DB2 CLI Connection Pooling Timeout?

Steve Westfall

How to set DB2 CLI Connection Pooling Timeout?
Here's one for those familiar with the Call Level Interface.

Our environment: Hardware: RS/6000 SP2.
OS: AIX 4.3.

We are experimenting with using the CLI connection pooling feature with a
multi-threaded application. (This enables an application to use a
connection from a pool of connections, so that the connection does not need
to be re-established for each use.) CLI connection pooling is enabled by
setting the SQL_ATTR_CONNECTION_POOLING attribute by calling SQLSetEnvAttr
(). (Note: We are NOT using an ODBC driver on a client such as Windows.
This application runs on the server machine and is linked with the CLI
library.) With ODBC Connection Pooling, one can specify how long
connections will be pooled before disconnecting; this is done by specifying
the CPtimeout keyword in the ODBC Connection Manager on the client. My
question is: Is there a way to set a connection pooling timeout when using
CLI instead of ODBC? The Call Level Interface Guide and Reference only
discusses this in connection with ODBC, not with plain CLI.

Our IBM contacts have not been able to come up with an answer so far. I
get the impression that not many people are using this feature.


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