URGENT Help needed on PRO-C DB2 compatibility

Vamsi G Charan

URGENT Help needed on PRO-C DB2 compatibility

I have a DB2 related problem. I am using PRO*C for the DB2 while accessing
the database.

My database column is described as DOUBLE, The host variable in Proc*C is
defined as double.

If I print the Proc*C host variable the value is "1". Now I have an update
/ Insert statement which updates/ Insert the Database decimal column with
this decimal host variable.

If I query the database column after the update / insert the value is shown
as 0.01258. If I insert the host variable after the insert / update it
still shows 1.

This unique behaviour is for decimal columns only. Is this a problem in the
database setup or any of the PRO*c flags we are using.

Thanks in advance