Jeffray Chen

Hi Leon, I read your message about DB2 Connect. I would ask some questions
about developing Java applications. Here is my scenerio:

1. The DB2 is running on an os/390.
2. All client access to the DB2 database is only allowed through DB2
Connect on a second machine.
3. I am developing a Java servlet which will run on a Sun solaris box and
access DB2 databases through the DB2 Connect.

On my development testing machine(a NT), I created a DSN using IBM DB2 ODBC
driver, which I suppose was installed when I installed the DB2 UDB. The
servlet works fine and can get data from the DB2 on os/390 through DB2
Connect using the IBM app driver.

My question is that when I move to a Sun Solaris box, how can I create a
DSN on the Solaris box if I don't want use commercial ODBC drivers? I heard
IBM has DB2 Client Application Enabler. Do I have to install DB2 CAE if I
still want to use IBM app driver?

Thanks for your help

Jeffray Chen