DB2-STP -> IMS-ODBA-DL1-Databases

Thorsten Tovacovsky

DB2-STP -> IMS-ODBA-DL1-Databases
Hello List,

does anyone has further experiences about the connection between DB2 and
the IMs-control-Region.

I try to read/update IMS-databases through DL1-Calls against the AERTDLI-

Unfortunately my Test-STP can Abend during a PSB was Scheduled (APSB-
Command okay...but the programm did not reach the DPSB-Command) and the
consequence --> the IMS-subsystem abends...(our latest Abend: first 0c1,
then 0c4 and the last abend was a user-code U4095 with ending of the cntl-

So...has someone ideas to protect the ims from such abnormal terminations ?

unfortunately i´m not able to post on the ims-list.

Regards Thorsten