Thorsten Tovacovsky

Hello List,

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a XREF-List from a Bind of a Cobol-DB2-Programm shows me a CSECT
called "DSNHADDR"...may i´m right: does Db2 need that Csect (included in
DSN*LI) to Adress the Host-Variables in the cobol-Programm ?

A XREF-list from a Bind of a CSP-DB2-Programm shows a CSECT
called "DSNHMVHW".

Can anybody suggest me, whats job the "DSNHMVHW" do ? ?? ???

Regards Thorsten

Roger Miller

(in response to Thorsten Tovacovsky)
You need to have the modules linkedited into the routine or brought in
dynamically at run time (DYNAM option for COBOL if my memory is holding up).
There are some dependencies upon setup and levels of COBOL.

This module is separate from the DSNHLI modules for the various attach

Roger Miller, DB2 for z/OS