"Registry Variables" on DB2 for AIX and Linux

Bela Hamar

"Registry Variables" on DB2 for AIX and Linux
Hi Phil,

(this is my first working day, and as I can see, nobody answered to your
- maybe it is worth yet to answer)

Try the command "db2set -lr"
and you will see the variable "DB2_NEWLOGPATH2".

(Yes, some switches of db2set are a bit confusing...
The switch "-all" extends the scope of the searching for the *set
variables* to all profiles plus the env. variables,
while the switch "-lr" simply list all the variable names that can be set.)

According to my experiences, the exported environment variable overrides
the profile variable
with the same name.

For example:

> db2set DB2_NEWLOGPATH2=xx
> db2set DB2_NEWLOGPATH2
> export DB2_NEWLOGPATH2=aa # env. variable
> db2set DB2_NEWLOGPATH2 # the instance-level profile variable is now

> db2set DB2_NEWLOGPATH2 -all # to see all the values for this variable
[e] aa
[i] xx

I hope, I could help you.


---------- original msg ----------

I'm looking at the new dual logging capabilities of DB2 V7.2.

It tells me I need to set a new "registry variable", NEWLOGPATH2 (changed
in Fixpack 5 to DB2_NEWLOGPATH2).

That sounds like "WinDoze-speak" to me.

Should I set this as a Unix environment variable, or by using the "db2set"
command. I tried the latter and got an error message.

Doing a "db2set -all" doesn't list this variable as being a valid one.


Phil Nelson