Look aside Pool

Max Scarpa

Look aside Pool
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I searched in the list for 'Look-aside pool' and I found the same hits as I
was searching 'Miss January 2002' or

'Chandrasekar-Schomberg limit' ie 0.

Is there anyone who's using look-aside pool with BP in Dataspaces ? If yes,
is this structure performing well ?

Any measurement/data done (I've some articles from European IDUG, 2001,

Thanks in advance

Max Scarpa
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Walter Janißen

Re: Look aside Pool
(in response to Max Scarpa)

Isn't it so, that Look Aside pool is a must, when you use dataspaces?
Dataspaces without Look Aside pool don't work.

Max Scarpa

Re: Look aside Pool
(in response to Walter Janißen)
Hi Walter

Yes of course, Look aside Pool is mandatory if you put your buffer pools
in Dataspaces (see for instance A.

Hoshikawa, IDUG 2001 proceedings ), it's a 'transit work area' for buffers
going from BP (in dataspace) to application

(and vice versa), residing in DBM1 address space. It was what I meant
saying 'look-aside pool WITH BP in

Dataspace' in my previous post (actually it was not the only reason why I
put my question in this way......).

Hoshikawa's papers reports some performance measurements but all
measurements were made in a controlled

environmet. I'd to know if there are some data on a real subsystem.

Max Scarpa

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