Help in Stored Procedure-INSERT


Help in Stored Procedure-INSERT
Dear group,

I've got a problem. I am inserting into a DB2 batabase thru a stored
procedure written in C.
The CALL to this stored procedure is fram another C program.

The SP performs insert operation (supposed to)........The SP is failing at
the execution step and the error shown is sqlstate :22007.
This state is for invalid date/time format. But i have checked and double
checked and triple checked the code and i cant find any such
can there be a different reason???

the table has 90 fields and i am trying to insert 85 of them......these 85
have been explicitly mentioned in the INSERT call.....and the order in the
query and EXECUTE call is identical....i have checked it........only 9 out
of this 90 are NOT NULL fields.......and it is ensured that correct values
are passed to these 9 fields.......

forget abt the C program, i cant execute this procedure from the SP Builder

can anyone help?

Thanks in advance,