how to perform system health check

Eric Ng Yew Heng

how to perform system health check
We intend to set up a weekly health check routine for our DB2 system.
We are using DB2 5.1 on OS390. Anybody has any good suggestions so that I
do not have to reinvent the wheels ?

Eric Ng

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Re: how to perform system health check
(in response to Eric Ng Yew Heng)
Eric, I do these ad hoc on a daily basis for large production subsystems,
and a "formal" subsystem review about once every three months for over 65
production subsystems.

We use Omegamon DB2 and I look for EDM pool failures and % usage, VBP
thresholds (current vs. historical and DMT) and "efficiency", sorting in
dedicated DSNDB07 VBP, HIPERPOOL read/write ratios, DBAT queing, long
running threads, check for in-doubt threads, log write buffer waits,
Page-ins for read/write, prefetch failures (VBP or engine), pages per write
I/O, etc. Also, note CPU utilization during the period in question. If
necessary we drill down to look at volume contention and possible
object/pageset moves.

Also check MSTR log for any unusual activity, display PLANS/PACKAGES that
may have become invalid but are still operable (need rebind), and display
DATABASE looking for any objects not in R/W mode.

Pick your own poison...

Good luck, George