DB2 Server for VSE&VM Education and Training for 2002

Inc. The Fillmore Group

DB2 Server for VSE&VM Education and Training for 2002

The Fillmore Group is the exclusive provider of DB2 Server for VSE&VM classes for IBM worldwide. Our next class begins on Monday, January 28, 2002.

"DB2 Server for VSE&VM Performance Monitoring and Tuning" (U4505)

For the first time since 1993, there are two new courses in the DB2 Server for VSE&VM curriculum:

"DB2 Server for VSE&VM V7 Tools" (U4508)
"DB2 Server for VSE&VM V7 for Business Intelligence and e-Commerce" (U4509)

All DB2 Server classes are available for delivery:
In our classroom in Baltimore, USA
Delivered to your desktop via the Internet using our real-time, full-motion audio/video Distance Learning facility
At your site as a private, customized offering

For a dates, prices, and a complete listing of courses, go to http://www.thefillmoregroup.com Choose "Public classes" or "Internet classes".


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